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This is for any fan of sonic and his friends, to ask the six main characters of the series questions. If you have any questions for sonic or his friends please by all means ask them anything you'd like to. feel free to look around. This site will be updated regularly.

this is kitten speaking, and so far college has been tough, and she is glad to be getting out of classes soon, I apologize for the delay, a reason for the long update was i didn't really have too many questions at first, but sonic answered four, tail and bunnie each had one. Also the RPG section has been updated, and kitten has made a dramatic change to it, she is in the process of possibly adding two more ask pages, one for shadow, and one possibly for robotnik. be advised that i have added a wanted page, for those who would be willing to help make this site better, please take a look at it, and feel free to email me
until next update catch ya later.
last update: 04/25/08
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