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Hello I'm Katie, welcome to my world. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I have been surfing around on computers for a few years now but I'm by no means a computer wizz..;o). I'm still in the trial and error stages and thoroughly enjoying it.

My main hobby at the moment is family Research. I have been delving into my family tree for a few years now and the past 12 months have been very productive with the help of wonderful fellow researchers and distant relatives found on the genealogy sites. I have discovered that I have three convicts so far which makes family research that little bit more interesting, I think so anyway. I think I'm the only one in my family that is really interested in learning about our roots but I'm sure in years to come there will be some who will be glad to be able to look back through it all. Like most family trees there are a lot of secrets, some never to be uncovered and these can cause snags at times. But I enjoy it and it's always a thrill to find a relative, no matter how distant and to be able to compare notes and swap and exchange.

I am hoping to be able to add pictures of ancestors,lists of associated names and pictures of my family. So check back from time to time, it could get interesting..;o). If you would like any information on my family names please feel free to email me.

Names I am Researching

"Flentjar and Namanu" From Germany to Australia
"Heather and Standing" from Guildford, Surrey, England to Australia
"Ryles and Saunders" from Northumberland, and possible other parts of England to Australia
"Saunders and Jones" from Somerset and possibly Cornwall, England to Australia
"East" from England to Australia
Baker(or possibly Odkenbaker)(convict) from England to Australia
"Brennan and Garland" (convicts) from Ireland to Australia
"Elvidge and Bell" Ireland to Australia
"Bain and Morrison" Ireland
"Kendall and Thomas" from England to Australia
"Stemp" from NY, USA to Australia
"Bedggood" from England to Australia (completed)
"Hands" from Plaistowe, London, England to Australia
"Jacka and Ayre" (origin unknown) to Australia

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Shamrock Roots!
Tasmanian Family History Link!
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