Single ply yarns are most often used by weavers, I spin mainly in 2-ply and sport or baby weight diameter yarn. I spin with the intentions of knitting with my yarn, and wearing what I knit!
Yarns used in the knitting on the right

horizontal piece:
White--75% rambouillet/25% angora (aka-the dirtiest sheep fleece in the world yarn)
Dark/blackish--100% Brown/Grey Llama
White--100% Corriedale lamb
Camel colored--50% Camel down/50% Rambouillet wool
Off White--100% Romney Wool
Black--100% unknown breed of wool known only as Capt. Crunch
Dark brown--100% Romney cross Wool
Light brown-100% Cinnamon english Angora yarn
Black-Dark Brown Capt. Crunch Wool
White-100% Rambouillet yearling Wool (aran yarn)

Note: You can see many of these yarns before they were knitted into a sweater on my Yarn page #3

Mostly single plys

[CVM in shades of brown]

[Black English Angora yarn-single ply laceweight]

[Icelandic wool-Auburn fingering weight single ply]

[Romney wool-fingering weight single ply]

[Wool known only as Capt. Crunch-a fingering weight single ply very dark brown]

[Pearly mohair 2 ply fingering weight]

I also spin camel, llama (and cria), silk, and have several types of wools on hand in all different colors from nearly pure white corriedale lamb to milk chocolate lincoln, dark chocolate romney cross and black jacob cross fleeces.

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