Rabbits for sale and adoption for June-August 2004

  1. Email me at kmnewberry@hotmail.com

    Himalayans-the Breed

    1. 3 black JR himalayan does
    2. 1 JR himalayan (black) buck available 5/04. From great bloodlines. Great showmanship buns and they do very well on the show table too. Has been shown, still has baby coats. Born in March.
    3. SV's Sasuke
      • Born 12-13-04
      • Would be a good show bun or breeder-but is overfed at this time.
      • Pet type bunny or outdoor bun, was raised indoors by my daughter.
      • Has been shown.
      • $20

    English Angoras

    1. Chocolate doe-Born in March
      • Still has baby coat
      • $25
    2. Chestnut buck-born in March
      • $25 with pedigree
    3. Chocolate buck-born in March
      • still has baby coat
      • $25 with pedigree or take all 3 babies for $50
      • Good age to start grooming for fall shows

    Netherland Dwarfs

    1. SV's R1V-Opal Steel Buck-(not showable color)-DOB-6/25/03 - (Picture (middle)
      • Has sired a squirrel and a blue when bred to a blue himalayan--buns look really nice.
      • Great depth, very nice flesh quality-firm. Smoothest, roundest, firmest butt. Good head and ears. About 2.04#
      • Could be a good foundation buck for steels....breed to anything NON-blue to get showable steels!
      • $15 with pedigree
      • 2.06#
    2. Weaned babies ($20-$35)
      • blue sable points-2 bucks-not showable color.
      • REW-2 does-1 out of lilac X blue himalayan NDs, other out of blue himalayans X black
      • 2 JR black bucks, have been shown and 1 JR black doe-has been shown, didn't come in last, but are still young (born in early March).
      • SV's Logan, registered black buck, carries REW gene.
      • Squirrel buck, born in early March, very small. Not yet shown (1.06#)
      • Blue buck, born in early March, still too small to show. (1.05#)
          blacks, blues, black otters, and more self blacks, chestnuts, a few poor colored black and a smoked pearl agouti pet type buns-in the nestbox

      Email me at kmnewberry@hotmail.com for more information.

      I will not be at any shows, in the next few months, buns can be picked up at my home.

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      Updated June 27, 2004

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