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This site is dedicated to our beloved snails.  Our other family members (dogs and cat) have their website, so the snails thought it was only fair they get their own, too!

We are a simple hobbyist,
not a commercial breeder. However, snail clutches do contain 50-200+ babies each and we have limited tank space, so we will ocassionally have to find new homes for some of our snails (check our Available page).
You may also like to check out the story of our greedy little miss DSP in the short photo strip here. Enjoy!
Please be a responsible pet owner.

Should you no longer be able to care for your snails, please
DO NOT neglect them, throw them away, or release them in the drain, sewer system, or the wild.  If you wish to control your snail population, please properly and humanely destroy egg clutches before disposing to ensure that no babies will develop and possibly survive.  Let us help maintain our natural ecology--pomacea bridgesii is a non-endemic species, and even the most harmless animal or plant can cause irreparable damage and devastation to a foreign environment.

LittleFoot Snails has a lifetime welcome-home policy and will
always welcome back any brigs that you can no longer care for or keep for any reason.
Here is a great website (the best!) on apple snails:
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