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Birds of Japan:

Identification, Distribution and Conservation

Sakhalin Leaf Warbler

Photo courtesy of Mike Danzenbaker. No unauthorized use

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This website is a cooperative effort by the members of the Yahoo Japan English-Language Birders Group, Kantori. It is an accumulation and collocation of information from our membership group postings and other sources on the Japanese avifauna of interest to the membership. Although the website language is English, we would particularly like to thank our Japanese friends and colleagues, without whose knowledge and contributions this site would be considerably more barren.

This is a not-for-profit pastiche site, and has gleaned information from many sources, all of which we wish to acknowledge. If any photograph, link or text item is uncredited or improperly credited, please advise the site administrator. Text may have been edited for spelling, grammar, clarity and brevity: contributors, please complain if you feel that you have been ill-served by this process.

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Species Identification & Distribution

Seasonal Occurrences

Birding Locations

Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Japan


Bird Counting Practice


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