I have created a non-profit, play for free, exciting PBEM-RPG. Star Trek: Silence is meant to bring a better sense of diversity to the Star Trek universe.
The USS New Nebulon is the flagship of Task Force X-6 "The Wolves". Our mission is to explore the Alpha quadrant and uphold the laws and directives of the Federation. Exciting missions will include first contact with new species, investigating strange anomalies and protecting the Federation and it's allies from hostile parties.
The newly christened USS New Nebulon is on its first mission.

The Story

After the Dominion were pushed back into the Gamma Quadrant, despite minor Breen skirmishes the Alpha Quadrant enjoyed a peaceful time of trade and construction.

Recently the USS Leviathan discovered a possible new Borg threat. To explore the post-war Alpha quadrant starfleet had the USS Nebulon undergo a major refit. The additions have been a civillian bar, a marine detachment, a linguistic specialist, a liason detachment and ambassadorial chambers for the major Alpha quadrant races.

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