West Lafayette, Indiana
You can see the rest of my pages at Special Olympics IN Tippecanoe County if I can't set pages right  on Geocities.  In the mentine bare with me here.  You can see a pic. of me on my other pages.
I did a TRIBUTE page to 9/11. It's called "I PRAY!" I did not copy anything.  I made it up myself.
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Work:  Super Target in Lafayette full-time.

On April 6th I went to see BARRY MANILOW in Ohio.  It was the best concert I have ever been to.  Becides Lonestar.

I get so mad when I hear the word "Retarded".  Are not we all the same in God's eyes.  Even if we might have the slightest differences in other people's eyes.  I want others to know that "Even Mentally Handicapped people though they might look different are all still the same as you" today.  If we all pitch in today, tomorrow might be a better day for all of us.

They call people like me "Mentally Handicapped".  But as another put it in sport's terms, "I believe the politically correct description for this subject probably would be, "Athletically Challenged." No matter how you identify or define this subject, the fact remains that some either from birth or by misfortune of an accident, have had to learn to do even the most simple of tasks in the daily routine of survival, with limited capacity. Being what I consider a informed individual, I began researching the subject of, disabilities and sports, and how the two are related. I was mildly surprised when I started researching this to find the variety of sporting activities, available to those who, with a little time, a lot of hard work, and desire can excel at whatever level they want."

I first became involved with Gail Dummer and a DSO organization with the 1996 Paralympic swim trials in Indianapolis. I ended up being named an alternate on the US Paralympic Swim Team for 1996.  I did not go to Atlanta, but was thrilled with the opportunity and experience.  I  participated in a DSO swim camp at US Olympics headquarters in Colorado in 1997.

I has been swimming since pre-school years and started with Special Olympics at the age of 10. I  was awarded the opportunity to compete in the Special Olympics World Games the summer of 1999 in North Carolina. I brought home a silver and a bronze medal. I  has been a USS member on a local age-group swim team (for 5-6 years) and is now a US Masters team member swimming at a local YMCA.
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