Welcome to the future homepage of the Urban Backpacker's Quarterly. So far, only the ring entry and return pages are up, along with a little discussion of what I'm trying to do as an amateur photographer on a page that started out as one of my Webring.com profiles, and a very, very rudimentary homepage for the Random Movement group on Flickr, but there's much more to come.

I've already set up a local ring return page that you can use to return to any ring to which a page on this site belongs. This site has been mirrored on Jabry and Vipfree.us.

One other thing - I've been moving a little of the old material off of this admittedly still small site, because of concerns about navigability. There was too much nesting taking place, and titles were getting unreadably long, so I decided that I had better split a few of the pages off. If you're looking for some of that material about celebrating one of the holidays, it's over here. Click twice, and you'll be there.

Lake Michigan at Fullerton. Image links to my Chicago photo gallery. Image copyrighted 2005, 2006 by Joseph Dunphy.
Joe Dunphy - A Ring for my Stuff

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