Introducing: Jill "Norma" Richards


So my first attempt at a page ....I thought I would start here... with a birth announcement.  I have been Jill Richards for  ten years, but the "Norma is my middle name" part is new!  Or should I say It slowly dawned on me, kind of a blonde idea that takes time to register in the brain. It all started to come into focus when I was in Houston and singing at Holiday En Femme. I realized that I was tapping into  "Marilyn" energy  and that it was liberating me as a performer and exciting my audience.


Here is an earlier photo of the blonde Jill, of course taken under studio conditions.
I know I do not look like Marilyn, but I now seem to have the most fun as a blonde. Who knows, I plan to study her movies more, and I just might end up with an act centred around impersonating her!


...just had to add one more picture to comptete my
"Love of Blonde" page...
I was aboard the Norwegian Sea on Dignity Cruise XI and this one was taken just after I  auditioning for the talent show,
...but that's another story!

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