The Annual Florida Woodcarvers Roundup


This is both an educational opportunity with woodcarving classes as the main event and a social opportunity to gather and explore your woodcarving passion with others. It is a no pressure, carefree carving event with very few guidelines. Take as many classes as you want to, or no classes at all, just come and carve along. If you would like to improve your skills, or would like to learn how to carve, come for a few quiet days of wood carvers getting together to have a great time cutting up!!!

Non-carving companions and visitors are welcome at anytime during the Roundup. Art, craft and quilting classes for non-carving companions may be available if volunteers are found. Also possible are evening social events including a dinner, contests or musical Jam sessions (if you bring your instruments) if a volunteer steps forward to organize them.

"Keep in mind when selecting a class that the objective should be to take classes from several different instructors during the roundup with the idea that you will learn many new techniques and skills vice coming home with all finished projects. Many of the projects offered as a one day class could take more than one day to complete but, in that day, you can learn the techniques most important to finishing the project at your own pace. This is a great opportunity to see the instructor's projects and sample their teaching techniques. Roundups are for sampling and learning techniques, bringing instructors to your local club for 3 to 5 day workshops are best for producing a completed carving. Most of these instructors are willing to travel to your local club, just ask them.

Costs: there are two types of costs involved which are: the costs of Organizing the Roundup which is what you contribute to when you Register for the Roundup(you pay at the door or with pre-registration); and the Class Costs which you pay directly to the instructors.

What are the costs of Organizing the Roundup? - Facility space costs, Equipment (tables/chairs), Utilities, and advertising supplies(flyers,etc.). These costs are met with the moneys provided by your daily registration fee of $8 which is collected by and goes to the Long Center for facility and organizing expenses.. For the first two Roundups we tried various ways of raising that money during the roundup vice requesting it in advance - bottom line: it was too hard and a few were carrying the cost for many.

What are the Class Costs - There can be an "Instructional Fee" and "material costs" which vary by individual classes. Specific class material costs such as blanks, roughouts etc. and the Instructional Fee are paid directly to the instructors. See the class descriptions for specific class costs as they vary.

Registration Options We have two registration options: Pre-registration -OR- just show up and register daily when you arrive and select from what is open then.

Pre-registration - for as many days as you want and be assured of a seat in the class. Once you pre-register there is NO change method - If an instructor drops out, the Long Center will go by your 2nd choice or contact you and shift you to an open class of your choice. Pre-registration will be the only opportunity to get into some classes as the most popular classes will fill up early. In a few instances where roughouts are used, the instructor may elect to only bring enough for those that pre-registered plus one or 2 extras so you may miss out on those classes also if you don't pre-register.

Pre-registration assures you a spot in the class. We encourage you to see the instructor on your first day at the roundup and purchase the materials so you are assured of them also. The Long center will accept Pre-registrations from 1 Nov up to a mail by date of 27 January. After 27 January you can register and pay when you arrive. Pre-registrations will give the instructors and the Long Center a better idea of how many students to plan table space for. For you Pre-registration will provide the confidence that you will get in the class of your choice even if you don't arrive until when the class starts. See the pre-registration form for details.

Class assignments will be made based on the postmark date of your pre-registration. Please provide an email address if you have one or a self addressed stamped envelope if you do not have an email address to facilitate a more formal acknowledgement and confirmation of your classes. If you don't provide one or the other, check your bank statement - that is your acknowledgement of pre-registration. Also if you don't provide a phone number don't expect to be notified about last minute class changes.

Walk-in daily registration Many carvers will be able to commute from home and thus may chose to only come for a few days vice all 4 days (hereafter referred to as Day Trippers). Just show up that day, get a specialbraclet ID (at the Roundup Registration table) and get in a class if space is available. The Long Center will accept, cash, check or credit cards.

Security of items left on class tables overnight. While no evening or night time security will be in the class room there is continuous video monitoring and recording, you may at your own risk leave items there. The doors will be locked to the class room at 5pm and there will be room dividers between the class area and adjacent areas which will be in use for athletic events. You will not be allowed to re-enter the class area after 5pm until "gates" open the next morning at 7:30am. Evening activities will be held in a sperate room from the classes so whatever you may need for the evening you should take with you at the end of the class day.

Schedule of events, we are still working out details of this and changes are very likely regarding non carvers classes and evening classes - check posted schedule changes at registration desk:

  • Monday - 4 pm - set up starts - instructors can use a back door accessible by driving all the way around the building and looking for an open door.
  • Monday - 6:30pm- setup ends - gym is locked

  • Tuesday - 7:30am - Roundup starts with check-in for walk-in registration
  • Tuesday - 8:30 am - Classes start
  • Tuesday - 11:30 12:30pm - lunch break will be rotated by class.
  • Tuesday - 4:30 - Classes end
  • Tuesday - 4:30- Evening activities start in a sperate area of the gym
  • Tuesday - 8:30pm - All activities end

  • Wednesday - 7:30 am - Roundup starts with check-in for walk-in registration
  • Wednesday - 8:30am - Classes start
  • Wednesday - 11:30 to 12:30pm - lunch break will be rotated by class.
  • Wednesday - 4:30 - Class end
  • Wednesday - 4:30 - Evening activities start in a sperate area of the gym
  • Wednesday - 8:30pm - All activities end ,

  • Thursday - 7:30 am - Roundup starts with check-in for walk-in registration
  • Thursday - 8:30 am - Classes start
  • Thursday - 11:30 112:30pm - lunch break will be rotated by class.
  • Thursday - 4:30 - Class end
  • Thursday - 4:30 - Evening activities start in a sperate area of the gym
  • Thursday - 8:30pm - All activities end.

  • Friday - 7:30 am - Roundup starts with check-in for walk-in registration
  • Friday - 8:30 am - Classes start
  • Friday - 11:30 1pm - 12:30unch break will be rotated by class.
  • Friday - 4:00 - Classes end
  • Friday - 4:00 - Instructors may take down their displays
  • Friday - 5:30pm - Gym is locked up

    Any other instructors who wish to teach at the Roundup or students wanting to teach a night class, please send a class proposal to Jim O'Dea at

  • Want to help out??? email Jim O'Dea at to volunteer.

    A Volunteer is needed to coordinate advertising efforts.

    We can always use help in the morning with Registration , a Spit and Whittle area , conduct a "Trade Blanket", organize an evening "Round Robin" or whittling contest? How about making coffee on the morning or starting a "Face Book page. Think of anything YOU could do to make this event more enjoyable and let Jim know.

    Questions? email Jim O'Dea

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