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The Florida Woodcarver's Roundup
Clearwater, FL

Classes starting on Tuesday February 2 thru Friday February 5, 2016.

Pre-registration will start 1 Dec 2015 for FWR 2016 Class descriptions will be ready about 1 Dec for 2016 but in the mean time take a look at the 2015 classes as 2016 will be similar - click here and and pre-registration forms will be here when available

I will be announcing when the web site has been updated with 2016 classes, when pre-registration starts and all class description updates as they become available via the Yahoo Group newsletter IF you have signed up for it - see top left of this page to sign up.

General Information

The Florida Woodcarvers Roundup in 2016 will continue under the sponsorship of the City of Clearwater's "Long Center" at the same location and same 1st week of February as in 2014.

The switch to the first week of February worked well from the stand point of reduced traffic conditions and hotel rates. The number of attendees was up slightly from the previous year. Pre-registrations increased significantly in 2015 but no classes were full before the Roundup start, so some walkin's were still accepted in all classes.

The Long Center is located at 1501 N. Belcher, Clearwater. FL 33765. It is easy to find and quick to get to from the interstate roads. The City will continue running the Roundup pretty much as it has been run, with room for all classes to be inside the building. To view a map of the location click here. They have a web site although it doesn't show you much of interest to us - click here.

Jim will continue communicating to you via this web site and the YAHOO Group newsletter about the FWR as the information becomes available. Jim will have no information on Pre-registration except to post on the web site the forms when they are available and update a class as "FULL" or "Canceled" on the web site. Any questions/comments about the specific class content please address them to the instructor directly or to Jim at Personnel at the Long Center will not be able to answer class description questions nor will they access your pre-registration info so please keep your own copy of what you signup for. Each instructor will get a list of who pre-registered for their class on the first morning of the roundup and the instructor will be updating that list from then on. So of you didn't Pre-register check with instructors when you get there and ask to have your name added to their list

The Long Center has a gym within which we will be using one basketball court. It is heated and air-conditioned at all times. We may have some evening activities depending on volunteers. If you would like to teach an evening class let Jim know. The building has lots of room, tables and chairs for the events continued growth. It has plenty of chairs but if perhaps you have a particularly comfortable chair or cushion you are invited to bring it along.

Once again we will have pre-registration - we are one of the few Roundups in the USA that does have Pre-registration. Most just have walk-in where if you are not there very early you may not get a seat in the class you wanted. Pre-registration must be mailed so as to be postmarked on or before Monday 25 January 2016, see the pre-registration form for instructions. Pre-registration is encouraged for your best choice of classes although most classes will have empty spots if you walk in.

The Long Center will open "gates" for walk-in registration at 7:30 am and start classes at 8:30 am until 4:30pm.

For lunch you may bring your own or there will be sandwich plates with with chips and drinks available There is also a Publix Super market in the area at 525 S Belcher Rd, Clearwater, FL 33764-6321 which has a nice deli - to see map to the location click here. There is also a Subway store here.

  • For a General Schedule of Events and to know more about how this Roundup will be conducted at the Long Center click here.

  • Parking at the Long Center . There will be hand made signs directing you to where the best parking is for quickest entrance to the carving area. Just follow the signs. You will be entering from the parking area into the door pictured here:
    and the entrance is seen directly behind the poles in the center of this picture taken from near N. Blecher Rd.

    If this parking area should fill up, follow the road all the way around the Centers building and there is is more parking available on the back side.

  • Evening Classes and activities We could have evening classes if someone volunteers to teach them and if so you will see them- If anyone would like to put on an evening class let Jim know and he will get it advertised on this web site.

    We could have other evening activities as well if we get a volunteer to organize them (contact Jim at such as dinner, trade blanket, round robin, or contests.

  • Non-Carving Classes if you would like to offer a non-carving class contact Jim at

  • Walk-in Registration option is still available. On the morning of the Roundup, The Long Center will accept cash, checks, or credit cards for walk in registration. It will continue at $8 per day as it was last year. They will have people inside the building at a table next to the entrance to the gym for registration paying by cash or check and to give a welcome & direct students to class location. If you desire to pay with a credit card you will be directed to the main desk area where they can process the card info. If you arrive late and no one is at the that registration table, please go to the long Center's main desk and register to get your wrist band. Instructors will be checking for wrist bands and send you out there, perhaps resulting in your not getting a seat in your class of 1st choice.

    Hotels - If Jim finds a good deal for a Woodcarvers group Rate" at a local hotel, he will send out an email via the yahoo group newsletter as soon as possible. In mean time make a reservation somewhere that has a liberal cancellation policy.

    Let me know your favorite Restaurant in the area and I will post it here:
    Rumba Island Grill - great, fresh Seafood which is located here.

    Paradise Restaurant 443 Main St Safety Harbor, FL -Greek and Dinner type food, reasonable prices - can accommodate a large group of people like 10-15 a one long table- quiet place - good, friendly service. 3.9 miles from Long Center - located here.

    RV Parks in Clearwater area : Frankly there is little choice or availability. Considering cost of sites and gas you may be better off leaving the rig at home and staying in a hotel. A few places you can try include:
    Bay Aire Travel Trailer Park, 2242 Alternate 19, Palm Harbor, Fl. (727)784-4082
    Caladesi RV Park, 205 Dempsey Rd., Clearwater, Fl. (727)784-3622
    Belle Haven Mobile Home Park, 27554 U.S.Hwy. 19, Clearwater, Fl. (727)796-1450
    Clearwater Travel Park, 2946 Gulf to Bay Blvd., Clearwater, Fl. (727)791-0550
    Lee's Travel Park, 1610 Belcher Rd., Largo, Fl. (727)536-2050 click here.
    Travel World RV Park, 12400 U.S. Hwy., 19, Clearwater, Fl. (727) 536-1765 click here.
    It must be noted that these parks may already be full - they book a year in advance. If you get a spot or find a park is full let me know so I can update this info - email

    If you haven't received an email from us lately it means we don't have your current email address so please join The Yahoo Group Florida_Woodcarvers_Roundup. Just enter your email address below.

    Subscribe to the Florida_Woodcarvers_Roundup newsletter powered by Yahoo Groups. Get class and schedule email updates as soon as they are available!!

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  • Many of the Instructors that teach at the Roundup have web sites such as:>

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  • Florida Woodcarving Clubs (with a web site if available)

    To have your club listed here contact Jim O'Dea

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