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Web Links

Convention information source for gaming, science fiction, fantasy and much more. Convention information from around the world can be found here!

Links to other non-convention related websites can be found here. For your enjoyment, I have provided a list of other websites that I have found in my travels about the web. Some sites belong to friends, to game companies, to other gaming related sites or sites that I feel are worth mentioning. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! ---Jenga

1 million dollar TV Jenga show- TV show featuring a jenga Contest. Contact jorge elias, producer - the hollywood channel - 4424 simpson ave - studio city, california 91607 usa

4* GamesA 4* Games Affiliate

About: Board Games

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AEGIS- Alien Empire's Galactic Information Service

APBA Stadium

Association of Game and Puzzle Collectors

Babylon 5 Fan Club

Blue RibbonJoin the Blue Ribbon Online Free Speech Campaign!

Boardgame Geek- a great site I use all the time.

Boardgame Player's Association

Boardgames PaginaDutch site for Boardgamers, mostly in English.

Cardgames PaginaDutch site for Cardgamers, mostly in English.


Chris Cable's MECCG Page

Columbia Games

ConNotation Links List

Convention Center Hotel Guide - The world's largest convention hotel reservation service.

The Diplomatic Pouch- The Official Home Page of the Worldwide Diplomacy Hobby and Publication Arm of The Diplomatic Corps

Discover Games- The Internet's Largest Website for Game Inventors/Retailers/Suppliers/Players

Doctor Who Club of Victoria

Dolmant's Home Page- Richmond/Tri-Cities MECCG Playgroup.

Double Exposure- Gaming events.

Ebay- Auctions and a great place to find Games.

Embraced Network Site-Site for Camarilla (Vampire) fans.

Funagain Games

The Game Cabinet

Game Publishers Assn

Game Rules from dantiques

Game Rules from Game Cabinet

Gamer's Realm- One of our local gaming stores

Games Unplugged- Games and Gaming Links

The Gaming Outpost

Hasbro- makers of most US games. Mother company to Parker Brothers, Milton Bradley, Avalon Hill, Wizards of the Coast, etc, etc.

Haven: City of Violence- This RPG is a cross between Frank Miller's Sin City; John Woo's Hard Boiled, James O'Barr's The Crow, and your worst urban nightmare come to life.

Inside The Lines- For the Modern Comic Book Creator

Iron Crown Enterprises

Jersey Association of Gamers (JAG)- New Jersey Gaming Club

Kulkmannīs G@mebox

La Femme Nikita- Nikita Lives! See the rerun schedule from USA Network.

Larry LeadheadLarry Leadhead, "The Gamer's Comic Strip", by Doug Hamm and Eric Hotz

The Legion of SilverSheen - New Jersey gaming club.

Londes.com MTG Strategy Resource- Online Magic the Gathering strategy website with several decks, articles, and resources each day. Also includes discussion forums, fantasy cards, and an online store.

Lord of the Rings- The Official Site for the Movies

Magic the Gathering page in the Netherlands (Dutch version) or (English version)

Marjean Holden- Science Fiction & Fantasy Actress

Metropolitan Wargamers

NetSet- list of great game downloads

Northern Virginia Gamers (NOVAG)

Sign up for PayPal, the #1 payment service in online auctions!Sign up for PayPal, the #1 payment service in online auctions!

Peter Shillingford- Star Wars lectures: The writer director cameraman who made "The Making of Star Wars". Can lecture on both the "Making of" and IMAX production.

Picatinny Gamers- Join the PIGS for wargames, miniatures, strategy, fantasy, sci-fi, board and card games or just about any type of game. Based at Picatinny Arsenal, in Morris County, New Jersey. Boardgaming and RPG groups meet every week.

Planet Plastica- Anime-Videogames-Community

Pookha's Lair- Middle Tennessee Science Fiction Society.

Print Games- FREE games for printing.

rec.games.board- News Group

reCON- Convention Review E-zine

Red Arrow's Mark- MECCG and LOTR CCGs

Roleplaying by NERD WORLD

RPG Registry- Locate RPG Players and Games

Save Farscape

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Space Art Shows- Buying Creating Selling Discussing Convention Business Promoting Artists

Scottish Science Fiction Federation

Settlers of Catan- The official website for fans of this award winning and extremely popular board game. (German)

Settlers of Catan Computer Game- download a free copy of this highly addictive game!

Seventh Sanctum- Resources for Roleplayers

Star Walking- Star Wars Club

Starting PointSearch for Gaming Convention Listings by Jenga

The Story- Game Base 7's ongoing 1st edition Advance Dungeons & Dragons campaign run at conventions

Toledo Terrain- a miniature terrain company located in Toledo, OH.

UpFrontWW2 Card game Group- A new group has been created to discuss and share ideas, scenarios, questions about this classic card game of man-to-man infantry combat set in WWII Europe, originally published by Avalon Hill and due for re-release (sometime!) by Multi-Man Publishing.

Virtual Wargaming

Wargaming & Role-playing Society- University College Cork (UK)

Visit the Warp!

WebRing Directory

Westbank Gamers- Strategy and War Gaming Group

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