"Jay's Bat Cave"
""UPDATED PICS"" December 28,2007
All my life I have always felt like a male inside but the outside just didn't feel right. In my 20's I had told a friend of mine that I wish that I could become a man. But back then there was no info about it. So I was lesbian and just had to move on.
  Until 2000 when I got my computer and saw FTM and I didn't know what it meant, so I looked into it and to my surprise. I saw that it could be done, I was excited about it and read alot about others like me. At that time in my life I didn't have a stable job. But now I have stable job and I am so ready to be complete. So now I am on my Journy to be me , the real me.
  "Dec. 2007"
"T- PICS 2"
As you can see I like Bats, They are misunderstood by alot of people. They help the enviroment alot. If your interested in learning about them, check out BCI in my Links...
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