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Contemporary Fashion & Character dolls
Historical Costume Dolls
A Fashionable couple in the 1840s
Sian - a journey through fashion time 1966-2008
Meet Sian's Family
All the drawings on this site are copyright to me M. Fleming and were drawn and rendered by myself and my computer! Photographic backgrounds are from photos taken by me in various locations.
The Dolls of Dunochart!
Fashion and character dolls from my fictional town of Dunochart...enjoy the pace of life in the Scottish Highlands and meet some of the residents
Dolls based on Fictional Characters
Just for Fun!
Here is how I make the dolls!
Some silly stuff all about me!
19th Century Fashions
NOTE: In Spetember 2008 my hard drive crashed and I lost all my dolls, I still have all my original drawings but they are black & white pencil ones and not rendered up into the dolls on this site - I can never remake or replace them it would take years so what's here is here, all the planned updates I will do as and when I can but a lot of them were works in progress and will now have to be started again from scratch.
Thanks for all your comments and kind words they are appreciated and I will try to get more stuff up here eventually!
Connor, Isla & Ashlea NEW & Updated!
The Roberts family
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