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"A data entry clerk is a member of staff who reads hand-written or printed records and types them into a computer. They are sometimes employed on a temporary basis, but most large companies which have large amounts of data will hire on a near-permanent basis.


  • For a mailing company, data entry clerks might be required to type in reference numbers for items of mail which had failed to reach their destination, so that the relevant addresses could be deleted from the database used to send the mail out. If the company was compiling a database from addresses handwritten on a questionnaire, the person typing those in would be a data entry clerk.
  • In a cash office a data entry clerk might be required to type expenses into a database using numerical codes.

The number of data entry clerks is declining as it becomes easier for people in other positions to enter data as it emerges."

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Data Entry is a growing field for work at home moms (and dads).  As computers, email, fax, and other forms of technology emerge, work at home agents are able to greatly increase a company's productivity by saving fees on work space, as well as the cost necessary to have data entry clerks working from an office.  A company not only saves fees on overhead such as rent, but electricity is saved as employers work from their homes.  You will find that when it comes to finding a "work at home job" under the category of "Data Entry" a number of various jobs will arise.  One company may refer to anything that involves inputting data by keyboard into the company's system as "data entry".  

There are up and coming companies arising on the market every day- many of these require some form of "data" being entered into a computer system.  Whether you use software that taps into the company's main database, or simply type documents from your home office then email them back to the company, you will discover that these are all valued and varied forms of data entry.  In this sense, some transcribing jobs may be referred to as some as "Data Entry".

The following companies are those that are considered to be true ''Data Entry" jobs.  You will have to undergo a series of tests to be qualified for a data entry job.  Your typing skills will also need to be up to speed, and you will need to ensure that your  computer complies with the company's requirements.
































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