Bif Bag Items

For now everything will appear on one page until I get more items to sell. Until then, here is what is currently avaliable. If you have a patch that you want placed on one of your items, feel free to send it to me and I'll be happy to put it/them on! There also will be more fabric ideas in the future. If you have any neat ideas, don't hesitate to let me know! Curently I have no pics to show them, but I will as soon as possible. Thanx!

Note: My appolegies for the bad pictures. I'll try and get some better ones up soon :)

Change purses $2($3.19 Can$)

(come in jean and hemp fabric. Also with or without a patch.)

Wallets $5 ($7.98 Can$)

(come in either jean and hemp or just one of those. You can choose to either have a patch on it or not and it you want something specific inside.)

Beach bag $20 ($31.91 Can$)

(Comes in jean and cord. Cord colors are purple, blue, yellow, pink, and green.)

passport bag $10 ($15.96 Can$)

(Comes in jean, cord and hemp. Cord comes in green, blue, purple, pink and yellow.)

Patched Bell bag $5 ($7.98 Can$)

(comes in cord, jean, hemp or all three for an interesting look.)

Purse w/ flap $15 ($23.94 Can$)

(Comes in cord and jean)

Note: All these can have some alterations to them weather it is more pockets, with or with out a patch, etc. Also, the canadian rates are based on the weeks they are done on. Amounts can change at anytime.
(more to come soon.)


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