Hello and Welcome To Bif's Bags

Finally after a lot of hard work and waiting for my internet to come back, here is my site, up and running. I'm very pleased to be here, showing you all what I have created and I hope I can please you all with what I've got to offer.
First off I'd like to let you know that I'm a 20 yr old female from Calgary, Alberta, Canada who is trying to make some money to get through college and do something good and productive with her life. I love sewing and have since I was 8 or 9. Now that I'm older, I've made sewing more challanging by doing this and other hard sewing tactics. Well that's enough about me. Let's get to the important things; the bags!
The things I will have avaliable are as follows: Bags, purses, wallets and change purses. As time goes on, I will be adding a page for my braclets, anklets and necklaces made from embrodery floss, hemp and beads. Those will also be for sale, and can be made custom when you order. With every order at the beginning until I can get this off the ground, I'll be including a free friendship bracelet with every order, just to say thanks for your purchase. If things go well, I might continue to add them in even after I go somewhere with this!! All my bags will be made by myself and my sewing matchine and no one else. The same will apply for the accessories. I feel this is a better way to do things cause then I can assure that what you get is exacly what you want and my imagination will be well lived out in my work. All the items will be made on demand when you order them, unless you ask for something already pre-made. All you do is E-mail me with the color, style, size, amount you want and type of fabric. I'll then reply to your message with the total price and the address as to where to send your payment. After I receive your payment, I will make your purchase. Once I'm done, I'll mail you a card letting you know your purchase is on it's way. If for any reason the product you receive doesn't satisfy you in any way, return it with your reason and I'll either replace it or give your money back.
Well that's the basics for the buying information, if you have any questions, conserns comments or ideas please e-mail me at the address below. Thanks for your time.

Or you can just copy and paste this address. pychodoors@go.com

Please address the e-mail as "Bags for sale." Just so I know what the e-mail is for and I don't delete it thinking it's junk mail. Thanx!


I now except paypal.

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