None Available at this time.

Next breeding, paired now D64 Scooby Snacks, lilac dumbo rex hooded X Elephant topaz rex dumbo.
Both rats carry blue, expect all dumbos, double rex, rex, and standard coats.

My Policies on My Babies

Shipping available weather permitting
Unless you can prove you already have a rat, mine will only go in pairs.
As I am sure you have read, rats do better
when they have other rats for company. On the same
note, I will offer $4 off when bought in pairs.
I will not sell rats to be used as feeders,
or feeder breeders, pets only.
I also will at times accept trades for other quality rats.
I require a $5 deposit per rat to hold,
money will go towards purchase price.
Delivery help can sometimes be arranged,
I do require gas money if I have to drive out of my way.
I also take breeding requests.
Feel free to email me with you are looking for
and I will do what I can to help you!

Cash/PayPal only

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