GW Yaoi Fanfics
Youkoso to GW Yaoi Fanfics, before you enter I must issue the customary warning. Inside are some fanfics with some pretty strong content. All the fics on this site are written by me, Misato Jaganshi I wouldn't recommend these fics for people under the age of 18 due to their explicit content. If you're under 18 and wish to read them, I'll leave it up to your level of maturity and you're held responsable for your reactions and don't have the right to flame me. But these fanfics are not suitable for closeminded people or homofobics. Did you notice that in the title it said "...Yaoi Fanfics." Well in case you didn't know, YAOI means that male x male relationship. Yes it is what you are thinking. It's homosexuality. If you have any thing against this Leave now. It's for your own good trust me. I'll warn you one more time, this stuff is explicit and not intended for children. If you feel you can't handle it then Leave now. That's all, I hope you enjoy the fics if you decide to enter!
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