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What Is Hashing, you ask?

Originally conceived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1938, by Albert Stephen Ignatius Gispert and several of his fellow English soldiers, hashing is a mixture of athleticism, sociability, hedonism and hard work, but most of all its a refreshing break from the daily grind and a chance to drink beer with great friends.

Hashing, is an exhilaratingly fun combination of running, orienteering, and partying, where bands of "Hounds" (the runners or walkers) chase "Hare(s)" by following marks of flour, chalk, etc. along 3 to 6 mile trails through town, the woods, briars, railroad tracks, utility easements, sewers, even the airport, all in search of exercise, camaraderie, and the ever elusive "Beer Stop."

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Hashing throughout the Piedmont Triad and beyond, since July 2000!!

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