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The Art of the Trail

Regardless of the size of the pack, the quality of the hashing experience depends heavily on the skill of the hare. 
Laying a great trail is a skill that takes practice and patience.  But there's no mystery to it; the basic principles are fairly simple.  Great trails lead to great stories and more new (and returning) hashers . . . and of course the more, the merrier!  This page provides some resources that will help you develop your trail-laying prowess!

G-Spot H3 Trail Laying Guide - print out a copy and keep it in your hash bag!

MapMyRun - A great resource for initial re-con, and for getting a good sense of how long your trail might be.

Guilford County MapViewer - Another great tool for advance preparation; this one can help you steer clear of private property, if needed.

Flying Booger's Guide to Haring - A basic introduction from a seasoned hasher, known to many around the world.

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