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Jeff's Logbook
A pictorial review of 40 years of flight
Jeff's Logbook
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Sport Cub: Back to Basics
Flying the way it used to be
Historic Pearson Field, Vancouver, Washington USA
        Our home airport
        To the Backcountry by Sport Cub
Vancouver National Historic Reserve
200 years of history, walking distance from
         your airplane!
So we bought a Bonanza!
... so we bought a Bonanza!
       Complex airplane, simple pilot
Fort Vancouver National Historic Site
          Fur trading, blacksmithing and cooperage
          while U wait    
Cheetahs Never Prosper? Cheetahs Never Prosper?
Our Cheetah and her story
Schauermann, Thayer & Jacobs, PS, Attorneys
         Who ya gonna call??
Painting the Cheetah
       A leopard can't change its spots, but for six
        grand a Cheetah can change its stripes!
Painting the Cheetah
Compass Church, Goodyear, Arizona
Cheap Thrills
The story of "Rex," our Cessna 150 
The New Christy Minstrels
under the direction of Randy Sparks
        Musings about this'n'that, mostly airplanes
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