Hi, I'm Gilli-Anne.
It's 2008 - here we are into another year, so it's time to take stock! It's been 10 years since I started this Web site. Over the years I have had many visitors and mails and have managed to meet some real nice appreciative people. Of course, if cross-dressing isn't your thing then I'd suggest you go no further.

As always I have high hopes of incorporating changes - got to keep up with all these new flash(y) sites - so over the next few months I'll be killing off some of the old stuff and bringing in some fresh situations, but what with travel and business and boyfriends, time can fly. ..... :o)

For those who haven't been here before, the pages are not intended to be too complex as I know how long it can take to load the really pretty and complex pages if you're in Europe, and don't have a Broadband connection.....that's not to say I don't get tempted by the joys of HTML!! and even Java... particularly for some of the pix. Just remember that all may not be as it seems.

Well enough of the boring stuff! If you want to see more then turn to the next page .

For those interested, you can always e-mail me at gilliannes_1box@hotmail.com . Please come back soon and visit me again.

[As at Jan 8, 2008]

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