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 This site is devoted to helping others achieve my level of expertise in Empire Deluxe.  My ulterior motive is to get other players annoyed at my arrogance and thus challenge me to a game.

To get things started, it has the Empire download broken into small, easily digested  byte sized pieces.  I put it up so my brother in Toronto can get the game and then I can finally beat him at something.

This site is always under construction. 

I've been trying out some animated tutorials, for example:
Efficient exploring with Bombers.
Should I continue with this?  Please send me your comments.

General Error's Battle Calculator is a JavaScript application that I'm working on to replace the Battle-Odds Tool by Mark Kinkead.   After working in javascript, I decided that programming is still as tedious as it was 20 years ago.

General Error's Battle Calculator 2 is a spreadsheet that calculates the exact odds in a spreadsheet.  (Lotus 123 v97 or Excel 5)

General Error's Production Calculator is a Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet that I'm working on to allow me to quickly decide if I should boost production efficiency in a city.

Empire Deluxe gets a GPF in dibeng.dll, but there may be a solution for you here.  Empire Deluxe still runs on Windows 3.1 through to Windows 2000, but it can be very unstable.

Links  There are many others out there, here are just a few.

This page is maintained by Andy Young a.k.a. General Error

Amusing Fighters based on Elastic Bullets from 

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