The case against Bush
Bush's ratings are currently going back down to their pre-9/11 standings. As a matter of fact, at the time I'm writing this, they appear to be as low as they've ever been. Hopefully this is a sign that America is realizing their "leader" is not only a buffoon, but a dangerous and treacherous buffoon. The state of affairs right now is pretty embarrassing: on one side we have the "president" parading disguised as a soldier to "prove us" the war in Iraq has ended, then we have the "vice-president" admitting there was no link between Saddam Hussein and the 9/11 hijackers. Let's not forget the Pentagon and the CIA, scrambling about trying to justify their false claims about uranium and weapons of mass destruction.

And worst of all, there American soldier dying everyday in Iraq (more than did during the war !), and American men and women losing their jobs at home.

The Bush administration has had a terrible impact on America and its place in the world. We've passed from being a prosperous country, helped and admired by its allies, to slowly drowning in recession, mistrusted by our allies, and struggling to gain credibility even in the Third-world !

Thanks "president" Bush ! Good job ! I would just love seeing you do what you?ve doing again for another four years.
I wonder who'd make the best President... ?
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