If this happens

If this happens



Cookies to dry

Over measurement of flour

Fill to line


Under measurement of Liquid

Fill to line, check at eye level



Check cookies just before end of cooking time


Use of small eggs

Use large eggs

Cookies spread to much

To much butter or shortening

Check your measurements


To much liquid



Use of Extra large eggs

Use large eggs


Too little flour

Carefully measure using standard measuring cup

Cookies touch each other

Cookies made to large

Follow recipe for size


Not enough space between cookies

Allow 2 between cookies for small and medium and 3 for large


Dough too thin & over spreads

Follow correct measuring amounts

Uneven baking

Oven temperature is not correct

Use separate oven thermometer


Oven heat uneven

Turn baking sheet halfway through baking time


Baking sheet touching side of oven

Allow 2 around baking sheet


Cookies not all the same size

Follow recipe for correct size

Cookies stick to sheet

Baking sheet not greased

Grease using cooking spray or shortening


Ingredients added to dough such as raisins or chocolate sticking to pan

Remove cookies immediately after baking

Cookies to brown

Oven to hot

Use separate oven thermometer


Cookies made smaller than recipe said

Make proper size


Baking sheet may be touching side of oven

Try to center baking sheet



Set timer & check cookies before time is up

Over browned bottoms

Baking sheet on bottom rack of oven

Bake in center of oven


Oven is to hot

Check oven temperature with separate oven thermometer

Cookies break or crumble

Cookies stuck to sheet

Grease baking sheets a little more


Cookies left on baking sheet to long

Remove from sheet at rime recipe indicates


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