One Dish Chicken 'n' Gravy



3 To 3 1/2 Pounds Frying Chicken, Cut In Serving-Size Pieces

1/4 Cup Flour

1/4 Cup Melted Butter

2/3 Cup Evaporated Milk

1 Can Cream Of Mushroom Soup

1 Cup Grated Cheddar Cheese



8 To 10 Small White Onions

1/4 Pound Sliced Mushrooms



Dredge chicken pieces in flour. Arrange in single layer with skin side down in rectangular baking dish coated with melted butter. Bake uncovered in 425 degree oven for 30 minutes. Turn chicken. Bake until brown. Pour off excess fat. Combine evaporated milk, soup, cheese, salt, pepper, spices. Add onions and mushrooms to chicken. Pour liquid mixture over chicken and vegetables. Sprinkle with paprika. Cover dish with foil. Reduce oven to 325 degrees and bake for another 20 minutes.



6 servings


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