Twisted Fruit Salad



3-1/4 Cups Chopped Watermelon, Seedless Watermelon Works Best 

2 Tablespoons Water  

2 Tablespoons Honey  

1 Teaspoon Red Wine Vinegar  

1 Teaspoon Grated Fresh Ginger  

1 Quart Raspberry

1 Quart Strawberries, Hulled And Quartered

4 Tangelos Or Mandarin Orange Slices (Optional)


 Combine 1/4 cup chopped watermelon, water, honey, vinegar, and ginger in saucepan and mash with potato masher until watermelon breaks down. Bring to simmer over medium heat and cook until honey dissolves, about 2 minutes. Cool to room temperature and then strain, reserving juices.

Toss the raspberries, strawberries, and if using orange slices, the remaining watermelon, and reserved fruit juice in large bowl. Let sit 5 minutes. Serve



4 servings


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