3 Cups (Packed) Fresh Mint Leaves

9 Tablespoons Sugar

1 1/2 Cups Light Rum

1/2 Cup Fresh Lime Juice

6 Cups Club Soda

6 Cups Crushed Ice

6 Lime Wedges


 Reserve 6 mint leaves for garnish. Place remaining mint leaves in medium bowl. Add sugar. Mash with wooden spoon until mint is aromatic and oils are released. Add rum and lime juice and stir until sugar dissolves. Strain mixture into pitcher. (Can be prepared 2 hours ahead; refrigerate.)

Add club soda to pitcher; gently stir. Fill each of 6 glasses with 1 cup crushed ice. Pour Mojito over and garnish each glass with 1 mint leaf and 1 lime wedge



6 servings


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