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The new 2009-2010 chapter year is just around the corner - Watch for an upcoming website change as Yahoo discontinues Geocities websites.


Hope you enjoyed all the different 2008-2009 events !!!
May - TinCaps baseball game (TinCaps 4, Dayton Dragons 3)
April - Scanning Electron Microscopy (Bill Cook)
March - Materials Engineering Education (Tom Cobett)
February - Shot Peening Technology
January - Parkview Field Tour / TinCaps Presentation and the downtown library
December - Takaoka Holiday Festival
November - Joint SAE/SWE Meeting - Landspeed Louise
October - The Failure Analysis Process (Steve Schatz)
September - Powder Metallurgy Fundamentals (Jerry Magnuson)

We sure tried out a lot of new ideas for our meetings this last year.  Make your voice heard regarding your satisfaction with some of them !!!

Your ideas count in our chapter. 
Do you have a good idea for social events ?
Have you been pleased with the IPFW Holiday Inn meeting location ?
Keep the feedback coming ... and we'll keep trying new ideas !!!


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