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You're Invited... FolkHouse offers traveling musicians a chance to play on their "off nights", and provides listeners with a great way to spend an evening. FolkHouse is nothing more than a party with live acoustic music in a comfortable smoke-free setting. You'll probably meet some interesting people and maybe even be inspired to try some songwriting yourself!

For most shows,  a ten or fifteen dollar per person donation  is suggested, with all proceeds going to the performers.  Musicians need to survive too!  We are not a business and do not make any money from our concerts.  If we were trying to make money, we'd have been out of business a long time ago!  Truth be told, we spend about a hundred bucks out of our own pocket on every show, but it's worth it. FolkHouse is simply a labor of love that gives us great pleasure by opening our home to music lovers and the artists we enjoy.  

We are not wheelchair accessible, this is our private residence, but if a person with disabilities would like to attend a concert, we will do all we can to accommodate. 

Since the concerts are actually in our home, seating is limited. Please call or email in advance to reserve a seat.  Plus, it gives us an idea of the size of the audience to expect on the night of the show. 

If you would like to be added to our mailing list or placed on the guest list for an upcoming concert, please call (402)932-8551 or send us an email at folkhouse@excite.com

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