Belle plays Volleyball

Or, Kasumi gets Nailed by a Massive Cannon

By FlowerChild

Aika sits behind a desk in the arena. She is looking off camera. “I can’t believe you’re making me do this, Vyse. You’re such a pervert.” She jumps in her chair when she sees the camera is running. She looks to the screen. “Um, hi, um, Belle fans. ...what’s the big deal about her anyway? She’s clumsy and annoying. I’d love to just...”

A stick pokes Aika in the side. “Um, anyway, tonight Belle takes on Kasumi of Dead or Alive fame in an extreme volleyball match. We go live to Gilder.” Aika pauses. “...I hope Kasumi takes care of the little...” Aika mutters. She crumples up her lines and walks off.

Gilder stands next to Vigoro and Belle on the volleyball court. “Hey, welcome to another edition of Bellmania.”

De Loco walks in wearing 70s bell bottoms. “Just my style. Hehehehehehahahahaha!” Gilder blinks as De Loco walks off.

“Anyway, I’m down her with Belle and her manager, Vigoro. Vigoro, what does Belle need to do to win out there?”

“Jump around a lot. Maybe lose her top. Then jump around a lot more.” Vigoro grins.”

“Um, are you sure about this? It looks hard!” Belle said. She looks nervously from Vigoro to Kasumi. Kasumi stands on the other side of the net. She cracks her knuckles and stares at Belle.

“Sure, you’ll be great.” Vigoro shoves Belle on the sandy court.

Enrique walks out in a lineman’s outfit. “Come on ladies. Let’s go!” Enrique flips his wrist. “We do not want to be tardy, do we?” Enrique throws the ball to Kasumi. Then he blows the whistle. Kasumi serves and the ball hits Belle in the head. Belle falls over, but the ball goes over the net. Kasumi is caught by surprise and misses it. Belle takes the lead.

Belle makes a bad serve and Kasumi spikes the ball into Belle’s stomach. Belle falls over holding her belly. She rolls around on the ground.

“Hurry, Belle! Take off your shirt!” Vigoro shouts.

Gilder speaks into the microphone. “Vigoro is a true genius in the game of volleyball.” He intently watches Belle squirm.

Nara and Lilly begin to make fun of Kasumi from the stands. “Kasumi’s just fanservice!” Lilly shouts. “Dead or Alive Volleyball is a joke!” Nara yells. Kasumi gets really mad and messes up her serves.

“Looks like it’s Belle’s turn now.” Enrique lobs the ball to Belle as she finally gets up. “You go girl!” Belle nearly drops it but finally sets up for a serve.

“It helps to jump when you serve,” Vigoro yells.

Nara and Lilly keep making fun of Kasumi. “Hey Kasumi! We have bigger cannons than you!” Nara shouts.

“Like, no way, I told the nice plastic surgeon man to give me the biggest.” Kasumi looks over at them. Nara and Lilly have two huge cannons aimed right at Kasumi. Lilly winks and a cannon fires. It hits Kasumi in the stomach and she flies across the court into the stands.

Belle finally manages to serve while jumping. The ball falls into the sand on Kasumi’s side. Belle squeals and jumps up and down.

Enrique is standing over Kasumi. “Oh dear me, it looks like Kasumi cannot continue.” Enrique thrusts his hips at Belle. “Belle is the winner!”

Nara and Lilly rush out from the crowd to congratulate Belle. Vigoro rushes into the crowd to scoop up Kasumi. Vigoro runs out of the stadium before seeing he is holding Enrique instead.

“Oh my,” Enrique giggles. He runs a finger down Vigoro’s chest. Vigoro screams and faints. Enrique looks around for anybody before dragging Vigoro off.

“What a match! Belle is proving her dominance in the world of... stuff.” Gilder notices that Nara, Lilly and Belle are holding hands and jumping in a circle. “Back to you, Faika.” Gilder happily joins the girl’s circle.

“Thanks, I... hey! I’m a lot more real than any of those girls down there! I just had a few... uh... enhancements...” Aika trails off, blushing and looking frustrated. “Um... goodnight everybody... ...see you next time...” Aika slinks off with her head down.

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