WARNING: The Following page contains YAOI, a.k.a. guys on guys in intimate ways (but don't worry, there is absolutely NO disturbing content at all).  If you enter, it is on your own will, and I am not responsible for you.  At all.  Period.  Get it?  Got it?  Good.  Remember: Male/Male relationships!

Now, if this is the kind of stuff you WANT to see, please don't click on the that nice litte gift picture thing that my pal Raijin drew for me and which I adore.  If you do click on that, you will not enter the Hidden Secrets of my fanfiction site: Rune Tear.  However, if you happened to scroll down and  click on the small picture of that ball of water and light on the left of this page, right  above the webrings, then you might be able to find my page.  Deep Submerge, okay?
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