A Communication Center for Franz Bardon Students on the Internet
This is a communications center for all students of the the magician Franz Bardon, home of the Franz Bardon Magi mailing list and discussion group, the Franz Bardon Web Ring and other features. I welcome all comments and suggestions about this site, especially Internet-related ideas that might be helpful to students of Franz Bardon. Please drop me a note in the guestbook below. Thank you for the visit!

What's New: 12/10/01

The Franz Bardon Webring has been moved to a new server and its contents and navigation bar have been updated and enhanced.
Franz Bardon Research is back online and a link has been added to the Websites list. Also, a new reading list has been compiled with numerous titles.

Finally, please send me your personal information if you would like it added to the contact list.


Introduction to Franz Bardon - Read this first. It consists of a link to the article "Franz Bardon: His Life, Works, and Legacy" by Rawn Clark.

Franz Bardon Magi - A Yahoo!Group for students of Franz Bardon. It consists of a discussion group, mailing list, chat room, and other features.

The Franz Bardon Web Ring - A Web Ring for sites devoted to the life and teachings of Franz Bardon. To add your site, visit the ring hub.

Contact List - Contact Franz Bardon Friends in your area. To add your information to the page, please send me your information.

Franz Bardon Websites - A comprehensive listing of sites dedicated to the philosophy and teachings of Franz Bardon. To add your site, send me a link.

Other Resources - Other Sites concerning subjects of pertinent interest to Franz Bardon friends and students.

Reading List - A recommended reading list for students and friends of Franz Bardon.


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