Good Day to be Former Ally Productions!!! Why you ask. Reason #1
http://www.animemusicvideos.org/ is hosting some of our AMV's and is getting the word out about F.A.P. They RULE! I plan on donating to them soon and you should too!! Reason #2 The Anime Music Video Creators' Web Ring has accepted us into it. Reason #3 I remasterd all our AMV's into DivX format so their all cleaner and smaller. Reason #4 F.A.P. will be at Sugoicon so keep an eye out for us!!! Thanks to all for the Suport!! Also Have a Happy 4th of July!!!

I'm Trying to build a name for us. Unforchanatly it's hard to do when you AMV's are only on Kazaa. Fight on, Fight on. We are up too 10 Video's I'm so proud!

YAY! Finally a site!! We're big time now lol
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