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Areni, scenario by The Creator
Areni Dying Barbarian Shaman Temas
Tomorrow, scenario by Alcritas




Most of my pictures are either original artwork or editions of Spiderweb’s art. There are, though, some exceptions: pics directly “inspired” from other artists’ work, or imported from media. These exceptions should be recognized.

   The talk pics below come from book covers, movies, TV shows and comics. Some do actually resemble their originals, others don't, but well, that's the best you can get from 32×32 pixels.  {:)

Alias of Westgate Dragonbait Drizzt do'Urden

(Azure Bonds BC, by Clyde Caldwell)

(Azure Bonds BC, by Clyde Caldwell)

(The Crystal Shard BC, by Larry Elmore)

King Arthur Sir Bedevere Sir Lancelot the Brave
Sir Galahad the Pure Brave Sir Robin
Zoot Dr. Piglet Dr. Winston
(Knights and would-be maidens from Monty Python And The Holy Grail)


Buffy Capt. Providence Maax
(Sarah Michelle Gellar in Buffy, The Vampire Slayer) (Jean Peters in Anne of the Indies)

(Rip Torn in The Beastmaster)

Buffy Fan Helsing

(from Barnacity by Gaslight, of the Fanhunter comic series)




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