~ Dolphins ~

The Dolphin Animal Spirit is my main totem in this life cycle as the dolphins are the ones sending their light and love through their sonars. They also share their great love when people play with them. They especially love children, a message to all, young and old, to be a child in the heart.

Dolphins are very evolved beings from Sirius, along with their mammalian cousins, the whales. While the whales are the record keepers of Earth, dolphins are the healers. Ask their presence to come to you and you will find yourself becoming very light hearted, and your psychic centers will probably open immediately as dolphins have a very evolved charkra system, accelerating their psychic prowess.

They can bring much calm, as well, during this time of change. They will help you "go with the flow," a very important message coming from many sources. If you ever get a chance, please swim with the dolphins. It will be greatest experience of your life. If you're not physically able to, just call them to you and swim with them astrally.

All my love goes to these wonderful creatures of God.

Brightest Blessings.


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