~ Animal Spirit Guides ~

Many animals have not originated on Gaia. Many have come here to help Gaia's caretakers (us) to mature physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. All creatures can teach us something, from the tiny ant to the long-necked giraffe. They all have messages for us, and everyone one of us have totems.

Totems are animal spirit guides that come along with us during our evolutionary journey. Sometimes, when we've learned certain lessons, our totem leaves us with another. Some of us have multiple totems. Truly, we are never alone - a very comforting thought.

Personally, I have three totems, three animal spirits that I connect with so deeply. They are the Wolf, the Owl, and the Dolphin. By land, air, and sea, these are my totem animals, and I love them dearly.

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