~ Crystal Spirits ~
Ezrael's Reflections on the Mineral Kingdom

I absolutely love crystals and minerals. Besides their spectacular beauty, many of them have been seeded on Earth to raise individual and planetary consciousness. I would like to share with you some of the crystals and minerals that I feel very connected with. I have also written a message from some very special stones that can be read here.

Moonstone: Moonstone is one of my favorite stones, probably because of its close connection to the Moon Goddess (ie. Diana). Some people in the metaphyscial world don't attune to moonstone because it may not be as "powerful" as others like phenacite, seraphanite, and danburite, but I think moonstone should be part of everyone's collection. It may not be intense like the aforementioned stones, but that is part of it's charm. It's soothing and I'm sure anyone can experience it's pleasantness. I was meditating with it last night and its wonderful light came into me. Moonstone, especially the rainbow moonstone variety which is becoming increasingly popular in jewelry, emits a loving, motherly light that anyone can assimilate into their being. If you are feeling downcast and depressed, I would suggest placing a moonstone over your heart. Doing so feels like the Goddess Herself is patting your back to comfort you, sending you Her love. If you wish to express this motherly type of love/energy to others, I suggest placing it over your throat, the center for expression. Also, if someone is working with stronger minerals like I mentioned to stimulate your Light Bodies and Soul Self, I suggest using moonstone with them as it can prepare your body for the Light which you are asking the other minerals to send you. Otherwise, your body may experience quite abrupt shifts that could cause nausea and headaches. Moonstone is quite a wonderful stone and I suggest everyone to use it and meditate on what it can do for you.

Azeztulite: Azeztulite is a type of quartz that is becoming increasingly noticed. Much of the information about azeztulite has been channelled - even the name was given by a group of channellers who believe that azeztulite is a mineral founded by a group of extraterrestrial beings called the Azez (hence the name) who are here to help humanity bring in the "nameless light" to the Earth plane. Azeztulite is a powerful, yet gentle, stone, from what I've gathered through meditating with it. It has a pulsing energy that aligns itself with your light body, preparting your body, mind, and spirit for the coming Ascension. This is a remarkable stone which I suggest to anyone who feels drawn to it to work with it.

Kyanite: A beautiful mineral that holds so much light for humanity is kyanite. I have had the great privilege to experience the energies of the blue and green varieties of this lovely stone; I have not had the opportunity to work with the energies of the black "starburst" variety unfortunately.

I feel blue kyanite directly channels Archangel Michael's energy. As Michael is often visioned with his Sword of Truth, blue kyanite develops in blade-like formations resembling swords. Archangel Michael upholds the cobalt-blue ray of Divine Will, Faith, and Protection. He and his legions of cobalt-blue angels work diligently in escorting negative energies and earth-bound spirits to the Light. In this instance, blue kyanite is excellent in clearing one's self or physical areas (rooms, schools, etc.) from negativity - in this case, the "sword" actually turns into a "bridge" of light to escort the negativity out. Blue kyanite works will on the three higher chakras, but works exceptionally well on the throat chakra.

The throat chakra vibrates a beautiful blue color and corresponds to aligning one's will with Divine Will. Blue kyanite can also create energetic links between people to have open communication, another aspect of the throat chakra's energy. At the throat as well, blue kyanite gives ease in communicating channeled material to others. Channeling the information itself is heightened when placing blue kyanite at the third eye or crown chakra.

Green kyanite is relatively new in the "metaphysical market," a lovely addition to the Lightworkers's stone collection (of course, I and others that work with crystals see them as more than just tools - they're also great friends and CoCreators of Light). A stunning surprise in many green kyanites is that a streak of blue runs through it, creating a deep connection between the heart and throat chakras. In itself, green kyanite allows one to be centered in Love as it brings light from both Heaven and Earth to the center of our soul. Many feel that green kyanite expands one's awareness of the devic kingdoms and elementals - I feel that they also open one's awareness to the abundant love that showers us every day from angels, spirit guides, and Source itself. The green kyanite that has a blue streak in it energetically connects the heart to the throat chakra. This combination allows one to fully express their feelings and emotions in a balanced way. It also creates a bridge of light from the higher realms to the lower, stepping down the higher frequencies so that the physical body can adapt to it in healthy way.

Kyanite in general balances all chakras along the Central Light Column. Truly, a wonderful, light-filled stone to be cherished by all! Brightest Blessings!!!

Selenite: Clarity of mind, opening for the crown and transpersonal chakras, creating a very "allowing" state for the patient/practitioner to receive inner guidance; also can be used to channel certain energy frequencies to manifesting a goal, especially when found in the natural wand shape or even the polished wands.


Angel Wing (or Fishtail) - a lovely formation that is filled with angelic light. Many of them do look like angel wings, though they are normally referred to as fishtail selenite. This mineral is wonderful to place at the crown chakra to fill your body with a pure, cleansing white light. It can make one feel "squeeky clean." With working with the angels, I have found that Angel Wing Selenite can really help incarnated angels, as well as humans that are empathic or sensitive to others' emotions and energy. For incarnated angels, Angel Wing Selenite can help them expand into their angelic presence, or rather, becoming more intuned to their true self. There is actually an energy center located on the back between the shoulders on incarnated angels that represents their etheric wings. Mind you, angels are beings of light and love and do not truly have wings; however, there seems to be an energy that emanates from them that do appear wing-like. Well, when this selenite is placed at this location on the back, it helps with "unfurling one's wings," allowing one to feel as if they can soar quite high, often connecting to the dimensions where angels dwell. Some may need to use a grounding stone after using Angel Wing selenite if they become too spacey. Angel Wing selenite also enjoys to be placed on the heart chakra for the expansion of love, peace, and compassion. Truly a wonderful stone to work with!

Golden - focuses the golden ray very specifically (whose corresponding chakra lies above the body) through the sacral chakra. This variety of selenite allows one to fully understand his or her Divine Spark and the creative potential therein. Many people in this age experience much difficulty with their sacral (second; sexual) chakra as sadly, many have endured sexual abuse. Also as sexual topics have been taboo in our culture, even though there has been such a surge in the matter, the sacral chakra might be quite blocked as people are afraid to fully express their sexuality. The biggest problem with sexuality is too often times that people forget that sex is quite sacred and spiritual. For one's sacral chakra to fully be balanced, one must realize, accept, and love the male and female parts of themselves to create harmony and love within the whole body (the composition of all four bodies: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). As we become more integrated and accepting of the Divinity within, we can truly start to be CoCreators in this universe.

Star-Burst - creates a circular, almost spiraling, energy from the chakra where it rests, then going to each of the chakras and clearing them with white light. These are tinged with a grounding effect, anchoring the higher light frequencies into the body. May at first make the practitioner/patient too spacey, not realizing its grounding effect, but with continuous usage, its full effects are utilized.

Rose - creates a balancing vortex for the higher and lower planes of existence, meaning all forces that comprise one's self are anchored and balanced with the heart, allowing the patient/practitioner to realize that everything coupled with sincere love and devotion, all things are possible. May also be used to heal deep wounds: Visualize the selenite rose entering your heart chakra and allow each "petal" to fall away as you toss away the burden of old emotional scars. May also wish to hold tumbled pieces of rose quartz or rhodochrosite while doing this.

Apopholite: Apophoite possesses a very high vibration, but can usually be used by anyone without any problems. Its energy conditions itself to help one adjust to its frequency quite well in fact. Clear apopholite reminds me of clear quartz in some instances: it is an excellent transmitter, aiding one in telepathic pursuits with others (including Angels & Spirit Guides) and it can store massive amounts of information. It has a very clear angelic light to it, allowing one to feel the presence of the angels. In its pyramidal form, it also grounds the higher light frequencies into the physical body. Astral travel is also enhanced by placing clear apopholite on the third eye or crown chakra. Clear apopholite clusters are also excellent lightwork tools. Holding one or placing one at the third eye seems to shower one's entire being with pure, cleansing white light. A cluster's energy seems to go all over the auric body and filling auric holes with this white light, sealing and protecting the aura. Clusters are also wonderful in consciousness expanding exercises.

Green apopholite is another of my favorites. Like green kyanite, it can help one connect to devas and elementals. It enhances one's perception of the exquisite beauty of the world, truly revealing Heaven on Earth. Placing a clear apopholite on the third eye and a green apopholite on the heart region enhances Lightworker meditations as they both help anchor in the higher levels of Light & Love that humanity and Earth are being exposed to right now.

Amazonite: This beautiful blue-green stone has a very lovely (and loving) Pleiadian energy; it also carries a very soft angelic energy that etherically "highlights" the physical and emotional bodies. Amazonite prepares the physical body for higher energies while grounding and connecting into Earth energy/power. It sustains the four-body system and promotes general good health. Amazonite also balances the Earth/Heaven energies at the heart center. Bluer varieties help one express themselves and speak their Truth.

Celestite: Oh what a beautiful and light-filled stone is celestite! A true wonder to marvel at indeed. Its soothing blue hue can calm one's emotions just by looking at it! It is very similar to angelite as it can calm anger and distorted emotions. It will lead one not to contemplate on the darkness, but to refocus on the light. Celestite is like a good friend to lead you back to the spiritual path. It will shine a light so bright as to lead one home as it helps one realize that Heaven exists right here, right now. We just have to take the cobwebs and veils in front off from our eyes to realize it.

I feel like the energy of celestite is totally alligned with the angels and the much needed peace they can bring. It also resonates with Mother Mary, not surprising with her role as Queen of the Angels. Celestite is here to tell everyone that so too are the angels! However, they never left our side thought it may have seen that way: In all the darkness that many of us have been tripping in, it can seem that God and the angels have abandoned us. Celestite and other angelic stones are here to remind us that the angels are our constant companions and have always been there for us. We really haven't been living in darkness. We've been living in the brightest light but have been putting our hands in front of our eyes. Let us remove our hands to gaze upon the lovely light and know we are already home in Heaven. This is the true meaning of Heaven on Earth.

Spirit Quartz: Also known as cactus quartz, this beautiful quartz specimen exhibits a wide spectrum of abilities. It can absorb and channel energy in all directions; for example, it is wonderful for storing thoughts of love and light which it then sends in all directions. In meditation, it creates a type of energy tube which flushes negativity out of the aura and chakras, filling them with white light. The amethyst spirit quartz especially assists with the process of releasing negativity. Spirit quartz is also wonderful for group cohesiveness and would be wonderful in world wide meditations for peace. People are just now working with this lovely crystal spirit, so explore the endless possibilities that it can manifest.

Golden Labradorite: I have spoken of this stone's feldspar cousins in the Messages section, so introducing this stone is such a pleasure! Golden, or yellow, labradorite helps connect one to his Higher Self, anchoring the higher frequencies of Spirit in the physical body, mostly in the solar plexus region. The solar plexus is the center of our personal power, power that we often (though sometimes unconsciouslly and unwillingly) give away to others, situations, etc. Golden labradorite helps the light body reclaim the "stolen" energy. During this process, a lot of forgiveness issues may come up. Some may want to use violet colored stones like amethyst, sugilite, or charoite to help with this endeavor. Golden labradorite's message is clear about the spiritual path: "You are not giving up your individuality; you are reclaiming your Divinity!" Some think that personal power should be relinguished, that you are bad, imperfect, erronous. But I tell you the truth: You are a perfect Child of God. You are both an individual and part of a collective consciousness that includes all God's Children. Rejoice that you are loved just for being you! There is so much light in golden labradorite that it just makes me smile. It's the feeling of "home." Its energy is so like the higher realms that it does feel like being in Heaven. But the truth is, Heaven and hell are both perceptions that we can manifest on Earth. What will you manifest for yourself and your fellow siblings today? Heaven, or hell? Choose to love yourself and others and see everything in God's eyes, full of unconditional love, and you will create Heaven on Earth! Golden labradorite helps us shift to this new perception, and I am very glad it has come to reintroduce us to our true selves!

Golden labradorite makes an awesome team with rhodochrosite which also has a golden presence to it. Rhodochrosite and golden labradorite can heal the fragments between the heart and solar plexus to help anchor the light body in the physical.

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