~P O E T R Y~

~Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams

I close my eyes
With my hands held to my chest;
And I wish,
~I hope,
~~I dream,
Of a world like our own,
But oh, so different.

I wish for a world
~Where people hold each other up
~~Instead of pushing them down,
~Where people hold hands
~~And lift them in praise
~~~To the Divinity within.
I hope for a world
~Where war is not necessary
~~And peace prevails.
~Where people of every gender,
~~Color, ethnicity, sexuality
~~~Choose love over hate.
I dream of a world
~Where love lights the path
~~With sunkissed smiles.
~Where people know that life
~~Is the most sacred
~~~When shared by all others.

I open my eyes
And lay my hands to my side
And know if enough people
~Wished, hoped, and dreamed
~~Of this world
We could stop wishing, hoping, and dreaming
~And start enjoying the world
~~Of Love and Light.


~The Day We Were Born

The day we were born,
Heaven's angels sang in triumphant;
The day we were born,
We knew that we were
Children of the Light and Love of God.
The day we were born,
We were sent out
To learn and to grow, and
To eventually realize once more
That we are
Children of the Light and Love of God.

No one is excluded,
And no thing is excluded.
From every blade of grass
To a newborn baby,
From the Sun that gives us warmth
To the waters that give us life
To the air that gives us breath
To the Earth that is our Mother:
We are all One; we are all
Children of the Light and Love of God.

From Osama bin Laden to Saddam Hussein to Hitler to George W. Bush to Colin Powell to Madonna to Cher to Barbara Walters to Rosie O'Donnell to Jesus to Buddha to Krishna to Mohammad to anyone and everyone and everything in this world,
Let everyone know that each person is a blessing to this world as we learn from one another.
If there were no one to create chaos on this world, would there be others to restore it to order? Both are needed in the balancing act of life and death;
But we can only survive when we realize these dualities are illusory.
Tear down the veil in front of your faces, Brothers and Sisters of Light and Love
And realize who you are.
Shed your garments, one by one,
Your gender, your age, your ethnicity, your religion, your sexuality, your desires, your complaints, everything that you think makes who you are,
And look around.
Everyone looks the same.
Embrace One Another in Love and Know We are One; We are God.


~Sunshine Smiles

Sometimes we just need the sun to shine,
Through our windows,
Waking us up
From chocolate-covered dreams;
To a new day
To spread our laughter
And spread our joy.
Sunshine smiles -
That's what I call them;
When I walk outside and feel the
Sunkissed rays of light carress my skin,
Making me smile from ear to ear,
Grinning and greeting the new dawn.
Just knowing that I am alive gives me joy,
For I know that I have a purpose for being here -
I would not have been born if it were otherwise, and so,
Each morning I welcome the light into my life
And say:
"This is the best day I've ever had."


~A Beautiful NOW, A Brighter TOMORROW

Hold my hand,
And we shall journey,
Journey forth through life:
A grand adventure, is it not?
Life, our school;
Love, our lesson.
Learning together,
We are never alone.
There is nothing to be afraid of.
Stand tall and triumphant,
Knowing who you are,
Knowing you are here for a reason.
You wouldn't be here if you weren't meant to.

Hold my hand,
And we shall journey,
Journey forth through life:
A magickal carpet ride
Through Space and Time
To find that where we have travelled
Has led us to our Beginning.
Isn't this so?
Returning from whence we came?
Let us raise our hands,
Together in Peace, Love, and Wisdom;
To bring forth a beautiful NOW,
And an even brighter TOMORROW.

~New Dawn

We come here out of Darkness,
And we step on each other along the way,
And then we see a light, just a speck in the darkness.
As we move closer to the Light,
We find that we don't have to step on each other,
But we can hold hands along the way,
And journey toward the light,
Toward the new dawn
Of a new day.


As you go along through your life,
Remember the good times,
And remember the bad;
Too quickly do we forget the bad,
But too often we make the same mistakes,
So remember the bad,
Cherish the good,
And learn from both.


Wake up early one morning,
And watch the sunlight
Dance on the clouds;
And as the sun rises
To shower you with its light,
Absorb the love and light
That God is shining down on you.
Look at the sun and remember
That God will always be there
Just as the sun will always rise.


Each person is like a facet
On an infinitely faceted gem;
Each facet is essential,
As each accentuates the
Beauty of the gem.
For in truth,
The center of the gem
Is surely the Love of God;
And we all share in this great love,
So let us hold hands and know,
That we are all God's children,
That we are all loved.


~Blessings from the Father

Bathe in the sunlight.
Bathe in the Love of God.
Let your Creator wash away the pain,
Wash away the troubles of life.
Let your Creator bring you out of the sun
To reveal a more perfect, brilliant You,
A special You that can tread through life,
Being a beacon of light to all,
Showing people that not only
Does God dwell within the heavens,
But also within all His children.


~Seeds of Light

A long time ago,
Our Parents came to Earth,
And They placed within Earth
The seeds that would grow
Into beautiful beings of Light.
We are those beings.
And from our roots
To the tips of our fingers
As we reach out to the heavens,
We know
That all is Light.
That all is Right.
We know.
We know that we must
Mimic our Parents.
Now is the time
To plant our own
Seeds of Light.
All they need to grow
Is our Love,
Our Unconditional Love,
And they will thrive
And be beautiful.


~Flaming Soul

Stagnant in darkness,
Following the blind,
Tripping over myself.
Down on my knees,
I cried to the heavens,
I cried to the Earth,
My tears buried deep within,
A floodgate with a million cracks:
I'm afraid I'll drown
In my own torment.
I fall to the ground,
Tired, craving for eternal sleep.

But the Sun rises
Brightly over the horizon,
And I see as if it were the first time;
I see the fields of grass,
The groves of trees,
And even my ears start listening:
The birds' sweet melodies,
The very beat of life
Found within every stone, tree, and animal
Becomes audible,
And then something happens . . .
My soul, my heart, my body
Becomes warm, and I know
I no longer have to follow
Those who can't even see,
For I can lead myself
To the loving embrace of my God,
The Light Bringer of Enlightenment.


~Daily Thanksgiving

Dearest Mother,
Dearest Father,
My Great Eternal Parents,
Thank you for this day
And for all the many blessings you have bestowed upon me,
For surely, every moment is a blessing.
Every time I walk on Your Earth,
Every time I breathe Your Air,
Every time I am warmed by Your Fire,
Every time I drink Your Water,
And every time I feel your Spirit within me,
I know I am on my path,
And that my Parents are holding my hands.


The Wind is blowing . . .
Hear the Old Ones' lessons.

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