~ The Fall & Forgiveness ~

I have recently been studying Gnostic Christianity, and the following information became clear to me in a whirlwind of creativity. If you do not know anything about Gnosticism, you may go to The Gnosis Archive, where you will find much information relating to Gnosticism, or you can simply go to Google and run a search. Enjoy!


What if the reason for all suffering is all the guilt we feel subconsciously for the “Fall”? We chose to descend from God so we may learn, but we forgot our connection to He who created us. However, our spirit knows that we are still an integral part of God. Therefore, the ego is always in conflict with the spirit, and though the ego is seen as evil by some, it is only trying to survive. But, by doing so, it has to forget that it does not really exist in the Light and Love of the God Almighty. This conflict, though perhaps even unbeknownst to ego, is guilt. We feel that we have betrayed God by forgetting him. We do not understand why we feel this guilt because ego does not believe it is part of God, which is true, but it extends itself to the whole being, but the spirit is part of God. We feel guilty, remorseful, that we left God, but we have not left God. He lives within us. He lives all around us. God is right next to us. We just have a veil covering our eyes so we cannot see him. Through forgiveness and grace, the veil can be lifted, and we will return to Love [God]. We must forgive ourselves and release the past so we may accept God’s Grace that is always available to us. We just have to be open to receive it.

Sometimes, ego and Spirit seem so abstract. Sometimes, it is hard to conceptualize these concepts mentioned above, but to understand them is to know where we came from, where we are, and where we are going.

Though I agree with many concepts involved in Gnosticism, I do not believe that the world and the body is evil. These are expressions of the Divine. Many believe the world and the body are evil because they are still feeling guilty about the “Fall.” But let us re-conceptualize this. We became Body to learn and to grow, and from knowledge, how could that be evil? Remember, the orthodox Christians believe the serpent was evil, that it was the polar opposite of God [Satan]. However, withholding knowledge is a way to control others. Being ignorant gives others more power over your own. This is a fear based society that has been constructed, but that does not mean the body and the world is evil. It just means that we have been controlled too long by the status quo. The God portrayed in Genesis was jealous and did not want Adam and Eve to gain knowledge that would equal his own. This was to control them, as he thought he was only God, that there was no one before him. The God of Genesis is a metaphor for the fear based society we live in. Many see the world as evil because of all the violence in it. However, I tell you the truth, that if we forgave ourselves and others, there would be no war. Violence begets violence. Only when we realize that more violence will make more, when we see that peaceful action is more powerful than fearful reaction, peace will reign on Earth. The world and the body will no longer be seen as evil. It will be seen as a delight, for the true God wishes us joy and happiness on our learning experience on Earth. We have believed too long that we have to learn through suffering and fear, but we can also learn through joy and love! We just have to find our true selves, which as I said, in an integral part of God. We are His Children, and what father does not wish joy and happiness for his children?

Let us forgive and let go of the past. Renounce fear, and proclaim Love!

Brightest Blessings to the All.
To all my brothers and sisters,
I love you.

Saturday; July 3, 2004; 11:06

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