~ The Golden Key to Heaven ~

I Am Ezrael, messenger of the heavenly realms. I hope that this message will come to you clearly and that it will touch your hearts. My love is with you always.

Greetings, Brothers & Sisters of Light! I am so happy to present to you this message concerning the Golden Key to Heaven. I was chatting with a relative of mine over the phone last night, and as we were discussing the probability of war, it finally dawned on me how Christ will return to Earth. I have mentioned before that the Second Coming will actually be when all humans realize their Christ potential, opening their hearts and minds to align with the Divine. However, last night I realized much more of how exactly humans will become Christed Beings.

My relative could be considered a fundamentalist Christian to a certain degree. When I told her that I believed that humans had the potential to choose peace over war, she told me that the Bible said there would always be rumors of war. She said this, however, as if justifying the United States going into war, which I could not accept. How could a so-called Christian nation engage in acts of hatred that their role-model Jesus would never do? I just did not understand this concept. However, I realize that most of what drives war to fruition is greed and money, not religion.

I was getting a little dishearten with my conversation with my relative, but then I received a friendly "buzz" from my Higher Self Az-Ez-Ra that jolted me out of my disappointment. It finally dawned on me what the New Earth/New Heaven the Bible speaks about really means. The Bible alludes to the Second Coming as Jesus cleansing the Earth and creating the New Earth/New Heaven, obviously where no such thing as war could ever exist. Then, the Golden Key to Heaven was finally revealed.

When humans finally realize that war cannot solve any problems between nations, when humans finally choose peace, that will be the Second Coming. Humans will become Christed Beings of Light when they finally choose peace instead of war, love instead of hatred, and light instead of darkness. So of course there will be "rumors of war" in this world, but when humans finally choose peace, Earth and Heaven will becomeone One, and peace will reign on Earth.

What a wonderful thought indeed! Humans can bring about the Second Coming "en masse" by just choosing peace over war. There are many Lightworkers around the world that are constantly praying that the heart chakras of the world leaders be opened to realize that war is unnecessary, that all nations can prosper in a world of peace.

Of course, this peacefulness must be found within ourselves first. Then, instead of projecting peacefulness to others, expand your own peaceful consciousness to the planetary consciousness level. Become one with all of humanity and let everyone know how much they are loved by Source, for truly, Source lives within each of our heart chakras. Brothers and Sisters of Light, open your hearts, take the Golden Key in your hands, and open the door to Heaven.

Brightest Blessings!!!

~February 9, 2003

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