~ The Coming Year ~
Part Three: January 1, 2003

I Am Ezrael, messenger of the heavenly realms. I hope that this message will come to you clearly and that it will touch your hearts. My love is with you always.

Happy New Year, Brothers and Sisters of the One Creator!!! I hope you have had a wonderful transition to the New Year. And so it begins, Brothers and Sisters: a new year, a new hope, and a new dream. This isn't a new dream of illusion though, dearest. This is the Awakening Dream, when the veil of illusion is finally lifted off and you can see everything as interconnected. This is a great dream we have been preparing for ourselves for sometime now. We can finally lift the veil in front of our eyes and dispose of it! We can now see with Divine Eyes and see how all things are connected to one another, including you and your own personal God-self.

2003 will bring many changes just like the past ones have, but this year everyone will be presented with a choice. Which road will you take? The road toward war, hatred, and darkness? Or the road toward peace, love, and light? For some, it may be difficult choice as we have been programmed so many times by family members, peers, and especially the media. All this programming has geared many to fight and kill, but doing so just makes the situation worse. It may seem to disappear, but conflicts always rise again. If one person, one nation, one world, could choose not to fight or kill another of its kind, humanity can finally evolve into the Being of Light it has truly always been.

It just takes One, Brothers and Sisters, for in essence, we ARE One Being. One individual is like the single dominoe that knocks over all of them. One by one, they follow the same lead, but in their own individual way. We can all be individuals, but we are all aspects of the One. Realizing this, how can you shoot at another when you know you're shooting a divine aspect of yourself? This does not just apply to fighting and killing, but to everything we do toward others.

Loving yourself allows you to love others, so please, as a New Year's resolution, choose to love yourself. The rest will follow from there. Loving yourself means loving all others when you know we are all One. I hope this year brings all the blessings you need to you and yours. There will be challenges like there are every year, but you can decide how you handle, or manage, them. With love in your heart, your spirit will guide you through the darkness, and you will come out shining brightly as the Being of Light, the Child of God, that you truly are. I love you all dearly.

Brightest Blessings!!!

~January 1, 2003

Daily Vibrations: 7

7 is a very special number to me. It represents the Seven Stars of the Pleiades, the 7 fairy kingdoms, the 7 archangels, etc. I believe that all of our Starry and Angelic Brothers and Sisters are watching over us all the time, but especially now as we start this new year. Let it be a great one! With great love,

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