~ The Coming Year ~
Part Two: December 31, 2002

I Am Ezrael, messenger of the heavenly realms. I hope that this message will come to you clearly and that it will touch your hearts. My love is with you always.

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone!!! Celebrate this day with choosing Love & Light for the new year, my brothers and sisters. Humanity is evolving, the principle factor in our evolution includes choosing love to enter our hearts and light to enter our bodies to transform us into the Beings of Light We Are. For this message, I am giving a meditation to attune you to lifeforce of everyone and everything, creating a tapestry of light and love and sending it to all peoples everywhere.

1. Begin with closing your eyes as you sit in an upright position.

2. Start concentrating on your breaths. Notice the lengths of your inhale and exhale and the pause between both. Take deep, cleansing breaths, visualizing white light entering your lungs when you inhale; and as you exhale, visualize this white light being sent to all areas of the body to heal and transmute any negativity.

3. Visualize your root chakra at the bottom of the spinal column. Your root chakra is a sphere of the most beautiful ruby red light. See your root chakra vibrating with the higher virtues of Grace, Peace, and Devotion.

4. When you have your root chakra fully pictured in your mind's eye, see a tube of light running from the root chakra to the core of Earth. Connect your root chakra with the center of Mother Earth . . . now.

5. Fully connected to the Earth's core, now visualize millions of other tubes of light being sent from others' root chakra to the Earth's core. These are the tubes of light of all the Lightworkers, Incarnated Angels & Extraterrestrials, Indigo Children, and the Higher Selves of All peoples everywhere.

6. See the core of the Earth as a radiator being sent massive amounts of loving, healing energy. There is a point where the radiator must release itself, where it cannot hold any more energy. See the radiator start reacting to all the energy being sent to it.

7. See the core of the Earth start sending all of the loving, healing energy into all places on Earth, to all peoples on Earth. Let the healing begin! See this loving, healing light blanketing the entire planet, transforming and evolving Earth and all of Her inhabitants.

8. Become One with All things at this perfect momement, this moment of Now.

9. Now say, inwardly and aloud: "I choose love . . . I choose light . . . I choose peace." Use this affirmation repeatedly until you know you have chosen love, light, and peace for you and your world.

10. Stay in this state of peaceful bliss for however long you wish.

11. When you are ready, project yourself into the future you have just created. See the peace, love, and light that rules the planet. You do not have to know how humanity is going to get to that point; just be confident and have faith that this world of light and love will come into being.

12. When you have looked at this new world as long as you wish, return to the present moment of Now, remembering everything you have experienced.

13. Start wiggling your toes and fingers, open your eyes, feeling awake and alert.

Brightest Blessings!!!

~December 31, 2002

Daily Vibrations: 2

2 represents duality, but I prefer another meaning: togetherness. This is the day and night when millions are joining together to bring about a better world. Though we are two, we are truly One when we are together. :-) I love you all, Brothers & Sisters of Light. Let tomorrow be the beginning of the evolution of Earth and humanity.

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