~ The Coming Year ~
Part One: December 30, 2002

I Am Ezrael, messenger of the heavenly realms. I hope that this message will come to you clearly and that it will touch your hearts. My love is with you always.

We are ending another year, and I must say, I am so excited about 2003! 2003 will the Year of Choice. Every day, every moment of our lives, we make choices, but the ones we make in 2003 will usher the critical leap into the New World. The New World exists in a state of flux right now as the decision has yet to be made by the conscious majority of humanity to choose love or hatred, light or darkness, to spread over Earth and her inhabitants.

Many Lightworkers, Incarnated Angels and Extraterrestrials, and Indigo Children are gathering at this time, this end of one year - the beginning of another - to weave a tapestry of light and love to blanket Earth and all of humanity. During the next three days, choose love, Brothers & Sisters, choose light. Make a conscious choice, say it aloud, or even yell it as loud as you can: "I choose love!" When enough humans consciously choose LOVE for themselves and the New World, the world will start to shift, counting down to the ten years until Winter Solstice 2012. The next ten years will be of great change, and some of the changes may appear negative at first; but feel safe in the light and love of the One Creator and all of the Angelic Hosts overseeing the progress of humanity's evolution. Please know that these changes must occur for the New World to rise up from the Old World's ashes, just like the fiery Phoenix. We shall rise again, Brothers and Sisters, and we will reclaim our role as Beings of Light.

Brightest Blessings!!!

~December 30, 2002

Daily Vibrations: 1

1 represents the beginning. From the void, creation comes forth. From the darkness, Light comes forth. Let your light shine today, Brothers & Sisters. I love you all dearly.

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