~ The Crystalline Message ~

I Am Ezrael, messenger of the heavenly realms. I hope that this message will come to you clearly and that it will touch your hearts. My love is with you always.

Water comprises the majority of our bodies as well as our planet. Water carries the crystalline codes for all life to live. Therefore, crystals and minerals - many of them are formed with the help of water - are among the best healing tools for all bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Many of the crystals and minerals that abound on Earth do not originate from this planet. Just as humanity was seeded by many extraterrestrial sources, so are many crystals and minerals. In this message, I will describe some wonderful crystals and minerals that can help with the evolution of humanity.


This green tektite has become extremely popular in the last decade as the New Age is approaching. Moldavite is an evolution accelerator. Having moldavite in your aura will activate your light body, anchoring your Higher Self into your physical body. Moldavite will also reconnect you to your starry origins. Though primarily a Pleiadian stone, moldavite activates all memories regarding starry origins.

Note: Some cannot wear moldavite or have it near them for a great length of time. Sometimes one may experience uneasiness or headaches if moldavite is in their aura for too long. This is because most humans function on a very low frequency while moldavite vibrates to a very high frequency. Too much of a "dose" of high frequency vibrations may be too much for human's low frequency bodies. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone drawn to moldavite should wear it in small doses until they start assimilating its vibration.

~The Crystal Power Triad: Angelite, Sugilite, Rhodochrosite

These stones are the anchors of the higher rays that are helping humans evolve. Used together, these stones create a type of amplifier for the higher energies.

Angelite anchors the higher rays into both the throat and third eye chakras. At the throat chakra, it is aligned with Archangel Michael's Blue Ray of Divine Will. It will help you live and speak from your truth. At the third eye, it will evolve the communication center in the throat chakra to the telepathic communication center in the third eye. Angelite also opens up the other myriad psychic gifts, balanced with the high vibration light, therefore helping not to misuse these gifts.

Sugilite anchors the higher rays into the heart and crown chakras, having a very brilliant divine, spiritual love vibration. Sugilite will open the heart to receive the great amounts of love being sent to Earth and humanity at this time. It will open the crown to receive the light being sent. This very special light is rarified and is filled with knowledge and critical information. The light being sent to Earth and humanity carries the codes to transform and evolve. Sugilite provides the receptive state to channel higher states of consciousness, putting one directly aligned with their Higher Self, or Source Self.

Since sugilite can be seen as opening the heart to receive love, rhodochrosite can be seen as the direct source of this love. It has a golden pink vibration that is deeply penetrating. Its vibration originates in the eighth chakra, also called the Transpersonal Point. This is a rarified, spiritual love that humans are beginning to anchor in their heart chakra. The fourth (heart) and eighth chakras need to be totally aligned for humans to fully accept the love given to them from their own Higher Self, their angels, the Ascended Masters, positive extraterrestrials, and Source itself. Anchoring the eighth chakra's vibration into the fourth chakra will further advance the evolution of humanity. Rhodochrosite is also very transforming on the physical level. Part of its ray contains the red ray that originates in the first (base) chakra. Centered in the heart, rhodochrosite's ray can be grounded in the base chakra, allowing for full four-body health. Rhodochrosite can clearly be seen as the New Age stone as it heralds an Age of Peace and Love.

Experiment with these three minerals as they are precursors to the New Age of Light, Love, and Peace that is dawning on Earth.

~The Family Stones: Sunstone, Moonstone, Labradorite

The feldspar mineral family offers three perfect examples of the Divine Family. Within us all is the Divine Father, Divine Mother, and Divine Child. These three archetypes are integral to maintaining balanced health on all levels, physically, emotionally/mentally, and spiritually.

Sunstone offers up the golden ray vibration that exemplifies the Divine Father. This golden ray is not judgmental, and many humans can benefit from this stone and vibration to remember that the Divine Father does not judge and punish His children. This stone offers a very protective and cleansing energy. Holding a sunstone, one may wish to visualize a golden light sphere all around, protecting from all outside negative influences. At the same time, the golden light can escort all negativity within to outside the sphere, never to return again. One may draw great strength from this stone and the lesson from the Divine Father that it offers.

While many need to remember the nurturing and protecting aspects of the Divine Father, it is also imperative to be balanced with the aspects of the Divine Mother, typified in moonstone. There are many varieties of moonstone, from the clearest white that Moon Initiates have used for millennia to the peach variety that can stabilize sexuality. To me, the highest vibration can be found in the increasingly popular Rainbow Moonstone. This is a white variety with a brilliant blue sheen to it. However, on some specimens, the entire color spectrum can be seen, hence its name. Rainbow Moonstone has a very angelic feeling to it: rightly so as the Divine Mother is often termed the Queen of Angels (or Fairies). Moonstone offers a very powerful message: "Go with the flow!" So many times, humans want to rush into things and control things that they simply cannot. Moonstone teaches that when you are flowing with the natural cycles of Earth and one's own energy fields, there is no need to control things. As nurturing as Sunstone, rainbow moonstone anchors the Divine feminine vibration that humans have rejected for so long. As rainbow moonstone is growing more popular with jewelry makers, so to is the Goddess aspect to Her children.

Labradorite embodies the Divine Child, or Inner Child. Labradorite's energy, like many other minerals, is extraterrestrial in origin. Labradorite is very much a companion stone to moldavite as it places one in alignment with their starry origins, which is the essence of the Inner Child (or what I have called the Star Chylde in other channelings. Many books have come out concerning the topic of the Inner Child. This Inner or Divine Child is the part of us that is directly connected to Source, and in many instances, parallels the Higher Self. Labradorite anchors the Higher Self and Divine Child attributes into the soul. There is much innocence in the Divine Child, a type of innocence that we all still have, no matter what karmic patterns we may find ourselves tangled up in. Labradorite will open the doorway to finding your Inner Child once more, embracing him, and becoming one with him.

Alone, these three stones connect the soul to these very powerful archetypes respectively, but together, they provide total balance, a quality many are seeking in this time of great change. Become nurturing to yourself is their message. So please, hug yourself occasionally and laugh! Never be too serious. Let the Divine Child teach you how to laugh again.

These seven stones are just a few of the many that are helping with the evolution of humanity. My other favorite crystals and minerals that accelerate evolutionary growth includes: celestite, selenite, kyanite, fluorite, and truly all forms of quartz. Quartz the most abundant mineral on this planet and every piece of quartz holds the Divine Blueprint to which humans are evolving to.

Remember, alone these crystals and minerals are just pretty to look at. However, with clear intention from the crystal practitioner, they can become great tools and friends on the evolutionary journey. Remember, though, they aren't merely tools. They are as alive as you and me! Respect them and the overlighting Deva (nature angel) that empowers them.

Brightest Blessings!!!

~November 11, 2002

Daily Vibrations: 8

Today is the 11:11 Gateway. At 11:11 am and 11:11 pm, please send love and light to yourself, your brothers and sisters, and the Earth. Let us come together as one to create the New Age of Love, Light, and Peace on Earth. Namaste.

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