War Versus Peace:
~ The Ultimate Battle ~

I Am Ezrael, messenger of the heavenly realms. I hope that this message will come to you clearly and that it will touch your hearts. My love is with you always.

Earth has come to very critical time in its evolution. Things are moving rapidly in the ethers. Some sense this quickness stirring in the air, while others view things as going so slow, wondering "When is something going to happen?" This question is especially posed by those ready for the Earth changes to come. However, many of the coming changes are going to be more apparent within each person other than outward.

Inner warfare is starting to take place, mirroring the warring nations that conflict this planet. Many are wondering "What is the point of war?" and "Why can't we have peace?" There can be peace on Earth, my brothers and sisters, please believe me. Peace is a choice, just as war is. Love is a choice, just as hatred is. Why then do we divulge in war and hatred when they only breed more war and hatred? The Ascended Masters, Archangelic and Angelic Tribes, and the Starry Brother/Sisterhood are all sending their love and light to Earth and her inhabitants.

For the love and light to help Earth evolve into her Higher Self named Terra, humans must anchor the energy, this love and light. We must become receptive to the energy these Beings of Light are sending us now. When we become receptive to these energies, we anchor them within our body, which is intrinsically connected to the Earth. Anchoring the energy in our bodies anchors the energy into the Earth as well. When enough humans are anchoring the love and light that are indeed bombarding Earth right now, Earth and her inhabitants will evolve.

This evolution is occurring right on schedule. It may seem that Earth is a garbage dump in the universe, having so many negative, low-frequency energies, but that's why we're here! We have come to help Earth transform all the negative karma that has plagued it for millennia, primarily by humans. However, there is no fault given to humans. There are grand manipulators that are orchestrating the wars and conflicts on Earth. These manipulators feed on the negativity, but they are finally realizing that their evolution has plateaued.

There is no moving onward and upward when addicted to lower energies. We compare them to addictions that many on Earth have found themselves wallowing in. It's no wonder that so many people turn to alcohol, drugs, and any other addiction because the ones manipulating Earthlings are very addicted to negativity. We must clear the negative karma from our own bodies, meditating on the violet flame every day. These violet flame was first seeded when the Christ incarnated 2000 years ago. There was a great time of enlightenment, but then the light receded, and the Dark Ages began. Fortunately, the light is returning as St. Germain activated the Violet Flame for all of us to turn to. With this great Violet Flame, all karma is washed away, from this life and all past life cycles.

When we are clear of negative karma (and all karma for that matter), we can start allowing Grace to enter our lives and have Faith in our own Higher Selves, the part of us that is God. That's the only faith any of us should have: Faith in our own Higher Self. All things are possible. Let's make Peace a possibility that comes true, my brothers and sisters.

War has plagued this planet for too long, war between nations, war between ourselves, and war within ourselves. All this negative, lower frequency thought forms have eaten away at us and Earth. Call in the Violet Flame and ask assistance from the Angels, Starry Brothers and Sisters, and the Ascended Masters, but more importantly ask your Higher Self for help. Anchoring the frequency of your Higher Self will start a domino affect on others, activating their own Higher Selves to anchor into our physical bodies. When one is transformed, all are transformed. Let's make Peace on Earth, brothers and sisters. Let Earth return to the Love and Light of the Universe.

Brightest Blessings.

~November 10, 2002

Daily Vibrations: 7

The time is coming. The gateway of love is starting to open. The gate will climax on Novmber 11. At 11:11 am and 11:11 pm, send love to yourself first, then to all of your brothers and sisters, and to Earth. Let us raise the vibration of Earth and all her creatures. Namasté.

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