~ Superman ~

I Am Ezrael, messenger of the heavenly realms. I hope that this message will come to you clearly and that it will touch your hearts. My love is with you always.

The story of Superman always fascinated me. Here was a little boy that came to Earth from a far off planet, landing in the fields of a small town. He came to Earth with rare and amazing abilities. The "myth" of Superman is not unlike what is happening on Earth at this time.

Earth is currently being bombarded with love and light from many sources, one being extraterrestrial, or what I like to call Celestials. Our starry brothers and sisters are not only sending their love to Earth from their celestial origins, but have for millennia been seeding Earth with their consciousness.

There are as much variety in extraterrestrials as there are differences in humans. Sirians, Pleiadians, Orions, Andromedans . . . we are the galactic family. Earth was and is meant to be the great Garden, a garden of the most precious diversity that any planet has ever known. Earth's exalted state as a star, commonly called Terra, heralds the magnificence of Earth's potential, as well as the potential of humanity.

Humanity has always been the Children of Light. Stored deep within their cells, they still remember their heavenly lineage. However, to truly experience life in all its facets, especially in a third dimensional world like Earth, the Celestials had to forget their origins and their other previous life cycles. However, humanity has reached what appears to be a stalemate in its evolution. Though the angels and Celestials are always working with humanity's higher selves to create a world of peace and love, this great plan is just not being able to be fulfilled.

The cells within our bodies are beginning to awake. Our DNA is restructuring itself. Analyzation of human DNA reveals that the majority of genetic material is dormant, often termed "junk DNA." This so-called junk is taking shape now, contributing to the next step in human evolution. In a sense, humans are becoming Supermen. Sure, we may not have heat vision are x-ray vision, but our spirituality is shifting. People are becoming restless with how things have been going on in the world, things that continue to repeat themselves in our history.

The new generation already shows signs that things are changing, that the current paradigm is collapsing. Though many people are scared about what is happening, many angels and Celestials are smiling now, knowing that change is right around the corner, a change that will inevitably benefit mankind. Many celestials have come now in masse to prepare humanity for the coming changes. We will set up the ideal for all humanity, and we will embrace them with our love and light, helping them along the way. Humanity is not, and has never been, alone. I personally want to note that the coming Earth changes cannot be compared the inner changes that all humanity will have to face. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornados . . . they are nothing like the storm that will occur within you. But, please, do not be frightened! There is too much fear on this planet as it is. Fear is what has made you continue the cycles of karma, continuing to learn the same lessons over and over again. The storm that is coming is a much needed one, my brothers and sisters. The storm represents ordered chaos. You must learn to center yourself within the storm, for truly you will find the most peace in its center. Do not fight the storm, bur rather allow it to crush down the old barriers that have hindered you for so long.

Instead of panicing, let us hold hands, brothers and sisters, and welcome the coming changes. They are most needed. Humanity's time has come. It is time for humans to rise above and reclaim their position as the Beings of Light; for truly, you are the angels, you are the celestials - there is no difference. We are all made of the Light of Source, which is Love. Brothers and sisters, let us welcome the new age of light, peace, and love.

Bright Blessings to you all.

~November 5, 2002

Daily Vibrations: 2, Master Number 11

The time is coming. The gateway of love is starting to open. The gate will climax on Novmber 11. At 11:11 am and 11:11 pm, send love to first yourself, then to all of your brothers and sisters, and to Earth. Let us raise the vibration of Earth and all her creatures. Namasté.

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