Meditation Five:
Heart Prism

The angels inspired this meditation and it is one of the most enlightening meditations I have ever used. I give it here to share with everyone in hopes that it will touch your hearts. Brightest Blessings!


1. Close your eyes.

2. Become more and more relaxed, allowing yourself to go to that perfect place of perfect peace and relaxation.

3. Start noticing your breath, as you inhale and exhale. Notice the rhythm of your breathing, the up and down of your diaphragm.

4. Then, consciously start taking deeper and deeper breaths, and while you do, visualize cleansing white light coming into you through your nostrils as you inhale. Then, when you exhale, visualize this cleansing white light dispersing throughout your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

5. Visualize this light filling your body until your body is full of the cleansing white light. When your body is saturated with this divine, cleansing white light, send a beam of this white light from your root chakra at the base of your spine to the crystalline core of Earth. Visualize your connection to the Earth's core as firmly as you can, feeling grounded and protected while doing so.

6. Visualize a crystal within your heart chakra. Imagine this crystal as the most beautiful prism you have ever seen. See it beautifully clear and radiant. This crystal prism represents the essence of the Divine Love that lives within your heart. If you notice that the prism is not clear, that it is covered with a dark, dirt-like substance, simply acknowledge it and ask your companion angel (and/or Archangel Michael) to help you clean the etheric dirt off from your heart prism. Once the heart prism is totally clean and clear, thank the angels for their help.

7. Now, if you will, take a few moments to concentrate on your breath. Notice that when you take deep breaths that your heart prism brightens up, sending beautiful rainbows throughout your body and aura.

8. When you are ready, ask your companion angel, the Archangels, other angels of light and love, your spirit guides and other beings of light to send their light and love to your heart prism. Notice that you are surrounded by angels and beings of light that love you just as you are, a perfect child of God. See their waves of light and love coming from their heart chakras to yours.

9. See your heart prism filled with intense, brilliant light. Allow yourself to become overwhelmed by their light and love. See your heart prism radiating the most beautiful colors throughout your body, mind, and spirit. Bask in the light the heart prism reflects throughout your entire being. Know you are loved, and know that you are worthy of this love. Continue to visualize a steady stream of love from the angels and beings of light to your heart prism.

10. When you are ready, thank the angels and beings of light for their love and support. Know that you can always call upon them at any time to receive their love. Love is an infinite gift from the Creator. There is no limit to love.

11. Now, if you will, find the part within you that is One with the Creator and All Things. This is the center of your Divinity, the source of Divine Love within you, the core of your heart prism. See your inner light ignite within the heart prism, sending once again massive waves of light and love throughout your entire being. God lives within you, as does an infinite supply of love.

12. When you are ready, visualize the waves of light from your heart prism expand outward. Allow the waves of light and love to encompass all of your loved ones. See the waves touching all of their heart chakras. Now expand the waves of light again to include everyone and everything on Earth. Feel the interconnectedness between you and all beings as you send your love to their heart chakras. Delight in the Oneness that connects all beings. We are all connected through our open hearts.

13. When you are ready, return your attention to your heart prism. See that is more brilliant and clear than ever before. See it turning and reflecting light in all directions everywhere. If you will, make an intention that your heart prism continues to radiate love and light to everyone and everything on Earth, including yourself!

14. After you make the intention for your heart prism to continually radiate light and love, take a few deep cleansing breaths. When you are ready, open your eyes, feeling awake, alert, and loved!

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